Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

My backyard is definitely NOT beautiful. There is no pretty landscaping or flowers. We have dead grass from the dogs doing their business and random holes from digging. There is so much work to be done.. VERY overwhelming to even THINK about. However, after “de- winterizing” it .. picking up dog poop.. for well over 3 hours with in the last couple of months… to my eyes, it is the most beautiful thing that I have and my greatest ally! I am GRATEFUL to have a fenced in backyard to let my little ball energy wear herself out in! I can hardly get her fed and dressed in the morning before she has gone through the doggie door and out for the day with the dogs and chickens. Last Monday was so nice, we were outside all day. Whitney came in at 8:30ish with Mo and Muffins.. dirty and worn out.. all in all she had spent about 7 hours playing outside and was exhausted! I have to work on Monday nights, super bummer.. but at least I work from home so it’s ok. This last Monday, I went outside to peek on the crew and this is what I found: Danny talking on his phone, Muffins was chasing Whitney (they love to chase each other), and Whitney- no pants, no diaper, and was running around naked… Not sure how long they were playing that game but I quickly fixed that problem. Our poor neighbors. A new fence is definitely on the “backyard renovation list.”

I can’t wait for more summer days to come.. wish they would come sooner.. and someday ours will be beautifully landscaped, but for now as long as the dog poop is picked up, it is the BEST and most BEAUTIFUL thing I have!

This is where Whitney and Mo hang out. They like to watch the neighbor kids. Everyday Whitney says "I want my cute friends to come over and play." She loves the cute girls.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday Party!

We had a super fun birthday party at our house yesterday for Whit. It's crazy it has been 2 years! Thanks to everyone who came, we have so many great friends and family! There is an overload of pictures... but I couldn't resist. We had a fun evening of presents, food, cake, and lots of pets to play with.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Birthday number 2!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, funnest, cutest toddler around. I love you Whitney... you make me want to be a better mom by your sweet enthusiasm and energy for life! Your personality is so funny and you are just like your daddy... busy busy busy. You don't stop for 1 second and sometimes make me so tired, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. You are my best bud, and mommy's little helper. Your independence and "have to do yourself" mentality will no doubt.. and already has.. given you an edge on life. Your mommy and daddy love you so fiercely it is hard to even imagine. Thank you for teaching us so much in your short 2 years about love, patience, forgiveness, and loyalty. We love you SO much and hope that you have the best birthday ever!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby Brother

Yep, we are having a boy! We couldn't be MORE EXCITED!!! I kinda thought that we might be having another girl.. but there was no mistaking the little boy that is growing in me. We can't wait to have this little guy come to our home.. just wish September would come sooner!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I really think that Bulldogs descended from pigs… Ok not really, but it is uncanny how similar they are and if I didn’t know any better, you could really convince me that they were related somehow. I am NOT a pig expert. I have only observed them at petting zoo’s and wheeler farm, but I am fascinated by them. I know they are mean little suckers, but they remind me so much of my bulldogs, it’s kinda weird. Here are the similarities I have observed in the short time I have observed pigs:

· They sleep the same. On their side sprawled out like they are going to DIE of overheat.

· They both roll in mud. (Mo’s favorite in the summer.)

· They have the same little snouts.

· They stink.

· They fart. And I’m talking like, clear out the room, open all of the windows, you can’t even breath.. types of farts.

· They snore really loud.

· They have curly tails. Our bulldogs don’t, but some do.

· They are S.T. U. B.B.O.R.N! I don’t know about pigs.. they appear to be stubborn like bulldogs.

· They look very similar. If we shaved Mo we might be able to pass him as a pig. We actually use to call him “cobasaw” which is Russian for sausage. He kinda looks like a fat sausage with tooth picks for legs.

I do love my dogs though. They have been so docile towards Whitney it’s amazing and it has been a huge relief! Muffins is a little bit more sophisticated and well behaved in public though… Mo doesn’t REALLY get it, most of the time. The cute neighbor girls love to come over and play with Mo in the back yard. After about 5 minutes, they always come in and say they are done. They say: “ Mo keeps knocking us over and keeps trying to do bad things to us.” (Interpretation: Mo knocks the girls down, has them pinned and tries to hump them!) Pigs might try to do that. I wouldn’t put it past them. Whitney, on the other hand, definitely has the reins on these two. She is in charge and trust me, they know it! She rides them, pushes them around, pokes them, even hits them (we are working on that) and my dogs.. have NEVER snapped! Pretty impressive. I have snapped many times with Whitney, it’s sad that my dogs are more patient than me!

So after reflecting on the past 5 years we have had these 2 fat things and despite their stinky stubbornness and many other quirky things they do … I’m sold on the breed… I am bulldog owner for life!

Monday, April 5, 2010

General Conference Weekend

I love Easter but I also love general conference. I got a double dose of my 2 favorite things this weekend and it was lovely. :) So conference was crazy good, right? I loved it! I felt like every talk was for me and there was a recurring theme throughout, which was pretty obvious, although it may vary with different people. That is what I love. Different talks can have completely different meanings to different people but they are applicable to all. I loved what Elder Neil A. Anderson said at the beginning of his talk and how he was described the process in which the speakers choose their talks. He said to the effect that each person that speaks isn’t given a topic but through study and prayer they are inspired to know what to talk about. Seems to me, most of the talks were about teaching our children and youth. .The rising generation. What a scary yet awesome responsibility that is to us, women, as our calling in life IS to nurture and teach those around us.

Another favorite of mine, family home evening at grandma Donna’s. We have had this tradition for years, every general conference, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandbabies, and great grandbabies meet at grandma’s for a general conference FHE. It is my most favorite thing! We all go around the room and talk about what was our favorite conference talk and why. Often times many of the talks are repeated but different things are said and different thoughts are given. I don’t remember everybody’s favorite talk, but what I remember most is the spirit that was present, the spirit that speaks heart to heart. The same Holy Spirit that unifies our eternal family. I sure can’t wait to have FHE’s with my family up in heaven. I wonder what they will be like???

So, what I got out of conference this Easter was.. well a lot of things, a lot of things that I could definitely be doing better at! What stood out the most though was: I need to be a better mother to Whitney. Teach her the gospel more diligently. I need to be a better example to her and the girls that I serve in the ward. I need to love as Christ does by being “His eyes and His hands.” As a mother, I need to stop complaining about the everyday mundane things I do and get to work!

What did you get out of conference this Easter??

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sledding in April

Mother Nature is a fickle woman. She can’t seem to make up her mind.. winter or spring? I’m pretty sure that she knew the 1 thing that I didn’t get accomplished on our “winter fun list” was the 1 thing I’m not a huge fan of, sledding. Good thing for Jess, she made sure we checked that one off, even if it is in April. We got bundled up yesterday and had a fun afternoon sledding. Whit loved playing in the snow and I actually enjoyed it too. So now that we have completed our “winter fun list” … 2 times over, Mother Nature, feel free to let spring usher in. We have lots of outside activities on our spring agenda that we can’t get to if you keep on snowing. PLEASE bring us the sun and let it stay, we will be forever grateful!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Deja vue

4 years ago, Tuesday, I celebrated my 21st birthday.. at that time Danny surprised me with 4 baby chickens as my big birthday gift. I didn't handle it very well, started crying and may have gently given Danny a little "love tap". He loved his chickens. They sat on the couch and watched tv with him, he bathed them, he even took them to Wendy's through the drive thru one time. But sadly, we lived in a condo at the time and as soon as the management found out about them we had to give them away.

Since then, we have moved into a house and have a bigger back yard. Danny has been threatening to get some more chickens for a long time now.. So it shouldn't have come as a huge shock that on Tuesday for my 25th birthday, 3 baby chicks arrived as my big birthday gift from Danny and Whitney. However, I was shocked.. but I must say, I have matured over the last 4 years, didn't cry and just kinda laughed. So in addition to the 2 dogs, 2 turtles, a husband, toddler, and baby on the way... we have just added 3 chickens to our brood. Whitney does love to maul the little things and it makes me nervous. Danny says that they are so inexpensive that if Whitney (or Mo) "accidently" kills one by playing with it too roughly, that it will be ok. That's comforting. I, on the other hand, I guess am ok with it. Chickens are ok if they live outside and eat my ants... then it will be a good birthday gift, but right now Danny has configured a nice little cage for them next to the turtles in our office. It's lovely to wake up at the crack of dawn and go to work with so many friendly pets and many friendly smells that come with these pets. We pretty much have a petting zoo at our house, so feel free to bring your little ones over... they will be entertained for hours. Plus, we don't charge to play with our pets, it's free, and you can even borrow a couple if you want!

But really, I knew what I married when I married Danny and what that entailed ... BIG idea's, chickens, turtles, and lots of spontaneous adventures and I do love him for it (even if i cry sometimes.)