Monday, July 30, 2012

Fishy Fishy

We went to Petsmart to buy some dog food and, of course, came out with dog food + 5 fish. 3 goldfish and 2 beta fish.

Both kids were equally obsessed with watching them.

Danny thought it would be fun for the kids to take a bath with one of them.

Both kids screamed and cried because they were terrified of it. Whit immediately jumped out bawling and Hank (not being able to get out of the bath yet by himself) screamed until someone got him.

All 3 goldfish died the following day and the other 2 beta fish died shortly after.

I washed the fish bowl in the dishwasher and completely melted it.

So much for our run with fish.

*Note to self: Always buy dog food at Costco.*

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Thursday, July 26, 2012


We went to 7 Peaks using our Pass of all Passes. I made Danny come because he had been out of town all week and we wanted to spend some time with him. The kids had a good time swimming and Parker and Danny did get their thrill in too by going on all the big rides. Going to 7 Peaks was not spontaneous.

Afterwards, however, Danny needed to go to Clearfield to my uncle Scott’s car lot , Jim’s Used Tires and Cars, to look at purchasing another car for the business. (Long story but not really a long story.. Danny now has to go to California for work EVERY week Monday thru Wednesday or Thursday.. depending on the week.. and he needs a car that he can just leave down there.) I kinda pitched a fit for having to drive all the way out there.. I blame it on the menstruation cycle.. but we went anyway, me very grudgingly.

Well, his car lot happens to be on the same exit to the Great Salt Lake, Antelope Drive. Danny has never been to the Great Salt Lake, we were already in our swim gear, so I spontaneously suggested that we go there. I’m not spontaneous at all, but Danny is, so he ran with the suggestion and we ended up spending our evening at the GSL. It turned out to be such a fun relaxing night. No pressures to be anywhere, the weather was amazingly cool and it was really really beautiful. The kids had so much fun playing in the sand (it almost felt like we were at the beach again.. almost.) The water is gross, but if you stay a little bit away from it and play in the sand it’s a lot of fun.  And there were Bison or Buffalo (I'm not sure what they are called) everywhere, which, of course the kids went crazy for!

*Note to Self: Be more spontaneous!*

7 Peak pic's.
Not the greatest pic's because they were taken with my phone but they will do..

The GSL.
Whit and I in the salty water.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We got the Pass of all Passes this year so we headed over to Trafalga.
It was very busy, hot and kinda stinky (lots of sweaty kids.)
BUT, the kids had a great time so I'm sure we will be back.

Hank's favorite ride was the Frog Hopper. We went on it over and over and over again.
Whit's favorite was the rock climbing wall. Fortunately for her, unfortunate for me, she appears to not have any fear of heights. I have a huge fear of heights soo it scares the crap out of me even just watching her.
Cortney and her sister Tannis came along with us and I didn't want to get wet so I made her go with Whit on the water ride.. And they did get soaked. I'm kinda mean and selfish. ;)
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Family Park Play

There is nothing I love more than my family full of crazy's.
They make my life very entertaining.

Muffins loves playing at the park.. almost more than the kids. She goes down the slides and runs around like a crazy crazy crazy dog.

My little monkey.

My boys.

The kids love being chased by Muffins.

And Mo.. well he is not in great shape and is exhausted after a stroll around the block. Sometimes, he is lucky enough to hitch a ride in the stroller.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Girls Camp

We got home for California on a Saturday night and then bright and early Monday morning I headed off to girls camp. We went to the Heber Valley camp this year and had a really good time. There is definitely a beautiful spirit up there. Our camp director was Tamra and she did a fantastic job!

Highlights from our trip:
*Laughing so hard that I peed my pants.. more than once.
*Forcing Brother Joseph to wear a tutu and making him sing "Call me Maybe."
*The lifeline.
*Canoeing and getting reprimended multiple times by the senior missionaries because we were having a water fight. So so funny! We really almost got kicked out.
*Our beautiful hike. We literally walked through a grove of butterflies. It was like their 'sacred sanctuary.' It was pretty amazing.
* The YCL's devotional.
*Listening to a senior missionary talk about how he saved a drowning squirrel and resisitated it.
*Testimony meeting.
*The challenge courses.
*Ooohhh the riddles and riddles and riddles we played.
*Lastly, coming home to my sweet babies.

I am grateful for the gospel in my life and for the oppurtinity I have to serve in young women's. I say this all the time, but I am really amazed by their righteous desires despite how hard their lives are. I feel pretty lucky that I am able to surround myself with such strong and noble spirits.

Our theme this year was "Seekers of the Treasure" so Tamra went with a pirate theme/activities. She challenged us throughout the week to think of the treasures that we seek after. As I was thinking about what treasures I got out of girls camp 2 main things stuck out to me.
1. The spirit up at girls camp was so strong and we felt it multiple times in every activity we did. I love the spirit and am eternally grateful to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for that special gift in my life.
2. I treasure the young women of our ward.. and the church. They are beautiful strong girls and they are my examples.

Us preparing to leave.

For our service project we hauled the massive logs we are sitting on out of the mountain.. hence the picture.

Performing our skit.

Me and the YCL's.
On the way home we.. really me.. made brother Skoby stop at a gas station so we could get some Diet Coke with ice. It tasted sooo good!
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Newport Beach

We left San Diego and went up to Newport Beach. My very favorite vaca ever!!! A week on the beach and it was lovely.

*Danny and I beating Megan and Aaron in doubles tennis.. We may be a little bit competitive with each other. ;)
*Walking Newport Pier and watching Hank's reaction to all the fish. Hilarous!
*Watching Whit and Marisa play in the water for what felt like hours.
*Playing with Whit and Hank in the water and jumping the waves. They both l.o.v.e the beach.
*Reading on the beach while the kids napped. The kids took awesomely long naps almost every day on the beach.. and "Heaven is Here" is a fantastic book!
*Our morning donut shop run. Blueberry glazed donuts... sooooo good!
*Morning jogs
*Our 2 hour dance party on the drive home.. trying to keep the kids entertained. Hank loves "Call me Maybe and surprisingly "Do You Hear the People Sing" from Les Miserable.
*The beautiful sunsets.
*Watching the crazy people on the 4th of July.. and the outfits too!
*Watching Danny have his own little dance party outside the condo. Singing and dancing to "Touch my Body" by Mariah Carey. He finally got a few random people to start dancing with him. I was so embarrassed. 
*My parents. They are pretty awesome and I am grateful they make this trip possible for us every year!
*Eating at the Crab Cooker.
*Playing in St. George..Why did we ever move?
*Watching the Bachelorette with the whole fam damily.
* Deepening relationships with each other.

Sweet Marisa and Whit.. by far my favorite picture!

Aaron had a birthday and we celebrated it in St. George.