Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Festival

Every year our ward has a Fall Festival that the youth and activities committee put on. We have activities around the gym that the little kids can do and they get lots of candy! There are also lots good soups that everyone brings. We had a lot of fun this year and there were some great costumes! I initially didn't wear a costume (I know I'm way boring) but then Megan came and brought me a duck costume that my mom found in her Halloween stuff. Couldn't have been a better costumer to find! So, we had momma duck and baby duck, now we just need to find a daddy duck!

If you can't tell, Whit is a baby duck! :) So cute!

Me, Meg, and the sleeping duck.

I loved this picture of Mitchell! He is thinks he is really tough in his costume!

The 3 very scary witches!

The DuPaix bunch. Edie was kind enough to let us use her camera for all the picture taking and Stephen was great with the picture taking! :)

Bishop & his ghost???

Monday, October 20, 2008

What we've been up to-

It has been a long while since I have updated our blog. It always frustrates me when other people don't update their blog, so I am being a major hypocrite! We haven't been doing much lately except for working so their isn't much to blog about. Whit is 6 months old, it's crazy how fast time flies! She is sitting up, talking lots, rolling over, & tries to scoot. We have her 6 month appt today so I'll keep everyone posted on what she is weighing in at. But here are a few pic's from this last month on what we have been up to:

We LOVE Sunday afternoons! It's our only day that we actually get to spend time together!

We went to my brother Parker's football game. He scored 3 touchdowns! Go Parker!

Aaron was in town for 2 weeks so we spent a lot of time with him and Megan. It was SOOOOO much fun to have him around!

Just playing at work!

We went to St. George with the Young Women in our ward and did baptisms for the dead, went to Cove Fort, and stayed at my family's condo. It was a lot of fun to spend some time with them!