Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Holiday Festivities-

We had a great Christmas this year with many fun family activities, parties and lots of food. Our December has been jammed packed and Whitney has been such a little trooper! I could write in great and long detail all of the fun activities we did, but I'm sure it would bore most of you! Suffice to say, we have been very blessed this Christmas and are very lucky to be surrounded by so many great people!

To summarize our December, we started with the Wettstein Christmas party (I forgot my camera- so no pictures!) :( but we played the chimes to Christmas carols which is always a favorite of mine!

We also had a fun party at my Grandma Lindsey's. It is always fun to spend time with them and we love them lots! Whit got lots and lots of kisses from grandma and came home very spoiled.

We, of course, had a Christmas party up at Vicki and Harolds house where good homemade food is always in abundance! Everytime I go up there, I eat SO much food that I could probably go for a week without eating---NO exaggeration.

My Grandma Hart also celebrated her 80th birthday so we had a big birthday bash for her.

Grandma Hart and all the grandkids.

Grandma, my mom, and the uncles!

Our friends Christmas party was also a blast! The boys get so excited to see eachother that they are like little 2 year olds at Christmas and they don't stop smiling nor can they get enough of eachother! It reminds me of the good old days of hanging out all the time and makes me sad that half of us live out of the state! We had the Christmas party on Tuesday, December 23rd but that obviously wasn't enough. I think the boys have seen eachother everyday since, whether it be playing basketball, going to Wendover-- much to all the wives dismay and (no worries, it was Dannys brilliant idea) , hanging out late into the evening-- it has been such an awesome week and I'm sad that it has come to an end! I'm working on trying to get everyone to move back to Utah so we can do this all of the time!

John playing the flute. Maybe he'll join Danny's PDA club!

All of the boys!

All of the girls and the babies.

Jessie got home from Russia!! WAHOO! We have been waiting for this and counting down the days that Jessie would get home. She brought us lots of fun sourvenoirs from Russia, my personal favorite-- is Whitney's Russian hat that I cannot get enough of! It is SOOO cute! Danny went on his mission to Russia and was really sad that we couldn't go pick her up, but had fun talking Jessie's ear off about everything she did.

Jessie getting home from Russia.

We celebrated our 4th Anniversary. Danny made good this year with flowers, a whole box of Dunford chocolate donuts, and dinner with no cell phone. And he also went shopping and didn't complain once! It was great!

Christmas Eve is always my favorite. We always go to my grandma Harts and we reinact the Christmas story, sing songs, and have a talent show. It is my favorite day of the year! I love it! We had a lot of great talents this year. My favorite would have to be Silver Fox aka my uncle Bill playing the trumpet with Janie on the flute and Jenny on the piano. It was pretty funny! Danny didn't bring his saxaphone, he didn't feel very prepared, but he did sing Silent Night with my cousin Jake in Russian. Whitney was wearing her little Bronco cheerleading outfit and did a cheer with my mom for her talent!

The cute little sheppards and wise man acting out the nativity story.

Thanks to Whitneys very awesome hair dresser, Ali, we were successful in putting sponge curlers in her hair. It was so cute on Christmas day. Too bad we didn't go anywhere!

At grandma Harts just hanging out.

Scott, Danny, Wayne, and Kyle.

Dannys 2 favorite things-- the Broncos, and Russia.

Jake and Danny singing Silent Night in Russian.

Christmas day I came down with a lovely breast infection that came along with a fever so I didn't get ANY pictures of Whitney's first Christmas :( but we did go over to my mom and dad's and we opened presents and ate breakfast. Little Whit loves her grandma Suz and grandpa Whit and we are so grateful for them and everything that they do for us! We love you both so much and thank you for your great examples!

Another year has come and gone too fast! 2008 has been a great and trying year for us. Danny and I have been through a lot and grown closer together and closer to the Lord. We are excited for 2009 and the oppurtunities it brings and are grateful for this time of year, where we are able to remember the Savior's birth and are able to spend time with those we love. We hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a happy New Year!

Muffins and Mo exhausted from all the activities!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Introducing Athan Seth Osburn

Our best friends Scott and Annie just had their little baby boy on Thursday evening. He weighed 7 lbs 2 Oz and was 19 inches long. He is such a sweet and cute little boy! He has a lot of hair and looks just like Annie! Scott and Annie are doing GREAT and are such good parents. Whit is so happy that she already has lots of fun friends to play with! Congratulations guys! We love you and appreciate the great friends that you are!

Friday, December 5, 2008

PDA 2009-

Personal Development Association 2009. To preface this post, my little brother is in 9th grade and we (me, Danny, Whit, and Megan) went to an assembly he was in a couple of days ago. Well going back to "the middle school era" really took Danny back in time. He re counted all of his middle school experiences with me, girls he kissed, AND then talked for awhile about how he was in band with Steve Kats and played the saxaphone. On our way home he was silent (his mind was churning and I knew that he was up to something), out of nowhere we had the following conversation:

Danny(talking really enthuastically): Tell me what you think of this idea, I'm thinking of creating a really sweet thing called PDA, Personal Development Association. We will create a blog and we will just work on personal things/talents that we want to learn. We will have performances every month to show our progress and then concerts every 6 months. Anyone can participate if they want to. I already know of a couple of guys that would love to get in on this.

Me: Ok. Sure. Whatever you want. What are you going to work on?

Danny: Well this is pretty much how my mornings are going to be from now on:
8:30-9:00 feed Whitney and play time
9:00-9:30 Personal study time. Scriptures/ books
9:30-10:00 Practice the Saxaphone
10:00-10:30 Learn Spanish/ piano
10:30 Go to work.

Me: Cool. Sounds great!

I didn't think that he was REALLY being serious. Danny's mind is in constant fast forward spurring off sometimes crazy random thoughts and ideas and so I just thought it was another one of those "conversations" that we have. Well, was I wrong! On our way home we had to stop off at a music store so that he could buy a saxaphone book to start practicing. When we got home, first thing, pulled out the saxaphone and went to work! He practiced for 1 1/2 hours and then practiced for an additional 45 minutes the following day. Cute, Dan.

So, I guess he was being serious and if anyone wants in on the PDA of 2009 let us know!(Danny has already created the blog.) So far there are 2 members, me and Danny and I guess Whitney as she develops her crawling/ walking techniques. As for me, I will be praticing the piano and will probably be learning a saxaphone/piano duet for Christmas. Sure do love my cute husband! ;)