Tuesday, February 24, 2009

True Love

I don't blog much about my dogs or at all for that matter, but they have been soo great with Whitney from the very beginning! In fact, I'm now more worried about them then Whitney. She seems to just LOVE the dogs (especially Mo) and loves to pull, grab, poke or do whatever to them. Every morning when she wakes up and sees them she gets really excited and points to them and then nuzzles her face into them. It's so funny! Mo seems equally interested in her and seems to follow her around the house. Muffins on the other hand kinda keeps her distance but they both have been great! The poor dogs are in for a "rude awakening" when Whit can REALLY start getting around, they are going to get WASTED by her!

Yep, she has found the dog bowl. I knew it was only a matter of time. It's her favorite place to play now and her and Mo like to "hangout" over there. I found them there like this and Mo would lick her and she would start laughing. So funny!

I put Muffins in Whits crib for fun and Whitney really enjoyed it, but I'm not so sure Muffins did.

Mo is just proctectin his little Sis!

Friday, February 20, 2009

St. George-

We went to St. George over Valentines day with the Gleason's and had a great time! We went to the Parade of Homes which was really cool. On Valentines we had a very romantic dinner at Red Robins. (It was the only place that wasn't over a hour wait!), and we had just a very relaxing low key weekend. We watched movies (Danny made us watch Prom Night-- very lame!! I don't recommend it), slept in late, ate lots of good food, and played with little Whit. I love St. George and the whole time was wondering why Danny and I ever moved back to Salt Lake, however when we got home, I realized that I do love my humble little house in White City. I don't have a massive swimming pool in my back yard, but luckily we do have a great yard for chickens which Danny assures me we will be getting AGAIN ( for the 3rd time) this spring, and we have an awesome apple tree that produces great and yummy fruit!

Thumbs up and Peace.

Eating lunch.

Eating Dinner.

Whit is getting pretty cocky with her standing abilities and Danny can't take his eyes of the tv. ( We were watching prrrommmnigghttt.)

Being cocky. .

...and oops. A little to cocky. I sure to love my little Whit and I just realized how messy I am! WOW.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Chocolate Cupcakes

So all I ever blog about is Whitney. I know that is pretty lame, but I don't have much going on in my life other than her. And I have lately been contemplating going private, haven't decided for sure what I am going to do and I will likely stay public. However, I kinda want to start using my blog as more of a journal on things I do, impressions that I have, and print it at the end of each year, and I'm not sure I want anyone to have "free rein" on that. So, I might create an entire different blog that is private. SO PRETTY MUCH I haven't decided anything and writing it down has been a big waste of time and pretty pointless.

But in an attempt to update my blog just to update my blog here is what we have been up to:

Anyone who knows Danny knows that whenever he has an idea or puts his mind to something it's all or nothing! Danny has started a new "lifestyle"-- that's what he calls it. Where he has started eating healthy and exercising. (I'm not quite sure what his previous "lifestyle" was) anyways he has been very VERY disciplined and I am very impressed! He is SO disciplined that he has completely stopped drinking Diet Coke. SHOCKING!! So far he has lost 12 pounds and is still going. It has been great and I have found that I have started eating healthier because of it. There are not many downsides to this except that he has learned a hard lesson--- not to try and enforce his "lifestyle" on his loved ones aka-- me. We had an incident a couple of weeks ago at the grocery store. I wanted to buy a package of chocolate cupcakes and he said I didn't need them and then gave me a 5 minute lecture on why they are so bad for you. Well, I really wanted the cupcakes and I made a little scene in the middle of the grocery store and said something on the lines of "Danny give me the damn cupcakes!" I didn't get the cupcakes, but when we got home and I made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies just to spite him! So now when I need something sweet I give my nephew Dom (who lives with us) $5 and he walks down the street to the Hostess Cupcake store to buy his crazy aunt some cupcakes!

Whit continues to be my little side kick. She is so funny and stubborn and makes me laugh all day! Life is good, we are happy and healthy and very excited for spring to come!

Whitney has decided that she likes bottles again after going about 4 months without taking one, we are all very happy about that!

She hasn't really learned how to share yet and doesn't let Camden play with any of her toys. We're working on that one!

She LOVES standing!

She likes to stand and play in her crib and she always pulls down her Bronco Mobile.

She likes to say "hi" and wave to you! So fun!