Thursday, July 10, 2008

Newport Beach!

We love the beach and go every year with my WHOLE extended family. This is the 14th year we have gone and there were 62 people! I LOVE the beach and LOVE my family so it's a perfect combo. This was little Whit's first year (obviously) and she did great! Unfortunately, Danny couldn't go because he had to work. We missed him, but still had fun. Thanks to everyone who helped us, especially my parents who were SO extremely helpful and without them we probably wouldn't have been able to go! We love you Suz booz and Whitter! Here are some pic's of our very fun trip:

Whitney has about 10 mom's. It's pretty sweet. I don't even need to do anything. Just feed her about every 3 hours and then pass her on to one of her other mom's!

Most of the girl cousins. We almost take up the whole beach there is so many of us!

Just sleepin on the beach.

Grandma and Whit

Jessie FORCED Whitney into the water. She wasn't very happy.

Poor girl! I'm such a mean mom!

Grandma Donna and Whit.

Jess, Meg, Ali, Me, Gabi, Mom, and Whit.

Me, Kyle, and Whit.

Ali, me and Meg.

Whit putting on her sunscreen for the beach!