Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Introducing Whitney Mae Westenskow

Mindi was scheduled to be induced, but started her contractions at 6:30 that morning. The labor and delivery went very smooth. Cute Mindi did so awesome, apologizing to those who showed up early for having to wait that the baby hadn’t come sooner. It crushed hurt my heart when Mindi’s brave tears dropped while getting the epidural (she has a very low pain tolerance), but then she was so much more fun to be around after the legs went a bit numb. Whitney was born April 16th at 8:33 pm weighing 7 lbs and 2 oz, only after about 20 minutes of pushing.

Thursday morning little Whitney was spitting up a light green color. The nurse thought that there might be some problems with her intestines, so she was scheduled to have some x-rays, and a barium enema examination (you drink the white chalky stuff, and then they x-ray ya). Whitney was in NICU with an i.v. in her little arm for 24 hrs with no food in preparation for these test, it broke our hearts to see her that way. The barium revealed a slight twist in her intestine, but was not drastic enough to continue to refrain her from food. Mindi was very excited for the opportunity to again feed her from her now very large breasts.

The x-ray, which they took a few times to confirm, divulged a unique side to our little girl. Whitney is part of the .01% of the population that has Situs Inversus. Situs Inversus is a congenital condition in which the major visceral organs are reversed or mirrored from their normal positions, which means that her major organs are on the opposite side of her body. Cute Parker, Mindi’s little brother, expressed his concern about which hand and where it would be placed when stating the pledge of allegiance and hoped that no one would get mad at her for misplacing her hand on the opposite side of her chest to cover her heart. Situs Inversus has no effects. She will be able to function her whole life as if her organs were in the correct place. Mindi and I consider it a reminder from God, letting us know that He is watching over our family. After all since there are no serious problems with her intestines, we could have gone a long time with out knowing about her uniqueness, and that type of information will be good to know as she grows. It was also comforting for us to know that Donny Osmond was just realized to have situs inversus, after a misdiagnosed appendicitis. Thanks Donny, we’re hollerin at ya brotha!

We were able to bring home this precious little bundle of joy Saturday morning. When she found out that she was able to come home, Whitney expressed how excited she was to finally be formally introduced to Mo and Muffins. Mo, our handsome man, was intensely curious about her. Both dogs have taken great interest in Whitney even waking up at night with us while feeding from Mindi’s now enormous breasts. The first night was hell, but each night gets better and better as cute Whitney, Mindi, Muffins, Mo, and I get better acclimated to our new routines.
Whitney is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I get emotional just writing about her. Mindi and I love little Whitney so much, as I’m sure each parent experiences and we have both thoroughly enjoyed this incredible experience in becoming a mother and father. Mindi has been so stellar; my love for her has increased ten fold. It was an emotional weekend for us and we are glad to have had such a growing event.

And so the next chapter of our life begins. Thanks family and friends for your prayers, phone calls, and encouraging thoughts. We love you! Here are some pictures of our new little baby girl, the new center of our world, taking place of the Utah Jazz and our dogs. Ooooohhh that’s sad, we still love our dogs too!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

One for the money......

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… well I’m going to use a thousand words to paint a picture…mental picture.

Silly due dates, tricks are for kids. We are now one day past the day that our baby was supposed to come out. I don’t blame the doctors. I blame technology. I told Mindi today that it would make it a little more convenient for me if she would just reach up there, grab the baby’s ear, and pull her out. If it really even is a girl, it’s hard to know that for sure the way technology has already lied to us about the day she was to be born. I had a dream the other night that we left our new baby in our room on the bed and when we came back in the dogs were walking on her, but she was beautiful and little.

I am in awe that this time of our life is here. Everyone keeps telling us that our life will never be the same. Almost like….sucker! lol Just kidding, it’s usually followed up with a nice, “but it’s all worth it”. The baby’s room is ready and so am I.

Mindi already has expressed this, but I would like to add my gratitude for everything our friends and family have done for us. We have felt overwhelmingly blessed with all of the support and generosity from all of you and we thank you very much. Brooke, Mindi’s friend, I would like to particularly thank you for the Broncos cooler bag. I don’t know if it’s impolite to express favorite gifts, so I’m not going to be so blunt, but I really liked yours! Mindi and I speak often of all we have and all we are blessed with. Our family and friends are a giant part of that. We love you all, and we’ll keep you posted with our posts.

P.S. Tonight, I am making Mindi a 65 oz Gatorade with cayenne pepper, after which we will go on a 5 mile jog, followed by 5 minutes of passion, possibly longer! Hopefully, that will get the week started off on the right “baby’s”foot!