Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Boys and Little Girls

Whit and Camden have been playing soo good with each other lately that it makes my life 100 times easier. Whitney is past her hitting stage (for the most part) and so I think we have made it past the fighting stage with these two!! Poor Camden use to go home everyday with scratches all over his face, it was really bad! I couldn't leave their sight for fear of what Whitney was going to do to him! But yesterday as I was watching them play, I couldn't help but laugh at how different boys and girls are even at such a young age. Camden was stacking blocks quietly in Whits room moving them around, just content as could be! All the while Whit was in the corner - scolding her baby and putting her in timeout! She would say and I quote from my little Whit: "Knock it off, I take it from you, TIMEOUT!". She would then put the baby in timeout, count to 5, and then start all over again. So funny! I am obsessively in LOVE with this little girl. She is a bossy, stubborn, funny little thing and I can't get enough of her!

This picture was taken awhile ago. I can't get my computer to upload any pictures.. It's being weird..But this picture was taken on one of those AMAZING fall days we had this last year and so we spent every possible day/moment outside. We went to Wheeler Farm to play in all the leaves!