Monday, December 17, 2007

Time to Blog

Mindi tells me every week or so, "I wish we had a hot tub". I just point to my stomache and tell her we do. lol J/K I don't say that. Right now I'm bulking up, then when the new year comes I'm going to chisle down for the beach, that way when I roll with Kyle on the tandum I can help him attract da ladies.

Mindi's grandma Lindsay bought us a hot coco maker for Christmas. It's the finest gift a person could give. Now every night before I go to sleep I set the hot coco maker right next to my bed along with my George Forman grill with 4 strips of bacon, so that way, when I wake up in the morning, I turn on the Forman and the hot coco maker, go back to sleep then in 15 minutes wake up to the smell of sizziling bacon and frothy hot coco.

Mindi is 5 1/2 months along with our first wee born. There is a 75% chance that it is a girl. She is such a cute, little, pregnant wife. Sometimes I just want to squeeze the baby right out of her she is so cute. I'm powerful enough to do that but I just don't want to clean up the mess.

We ran some blood work on our dogs and found out that Muffins has a very healthy gene line, while Mo is lacking a chromosome, poor guy, just can't fugure some things out.

They were really asleep like that.

With the special season at large, Mindi and I sat down together one night and wrote a Christmas poem that we would like to share on our Blog:

Our belly's are bulging in two different ways

The lights on our tree shine with glorious rays

Excited we wait for the new member to come

Enjoying this last holiday as a two-some

While Mindi anticpates the dogs to pass gas

Danny plays halo and sits on his ... butt

Merry Christmas we say to all we hold dear

Merry Christmas we say and Happy New Year

Mo says, "I hope you get lots of snow for Christmas!"