Thursday, September 24, 2009

Date Night with Parker

Danny, my parents, sister, and most my extended family are out of town this week in Lake Powell. Soooo jealous! I opted out this year for a few reasons one of which was little Whit. She would be a lot of work on a house boat with over 20 people, surrounded by water, she also HATES wearing a life jacket... so I thought that I would sit this one out and Danny would go. I was going to try and go for the weekend but couldn't get work off! Bummer!! Next year...

My brother Parker also didn't go. He had to stay home for school and football... And today was his big football game against Jordan. They did awesome and beat them 28 to 24. Whit and I LOVE to go to Parkers game and it is the highlight of our weeks!

Which brings me to my story..Whitney has a MAJOR, I'm talking MAJOR crush on Parker. She asks for Parker every day, I show her his picture and she says "My Parker." When she sees him she gets a really shy look on her face and turns her head and will never look directly at him, but the most awesome part.. she is a perfect angel when he is around.

After the game we went on a date (Me, Parker & Whit with Meg and Aaron) and normally when we go out to eat Whitney gets restless.. won't sit in the high chair for very long.. gets into everything.. makes big messes. Tonight, however, she was perfect. She just sat there and stared at Parker. After awhile she wanted to sit on his lap and she sat and didn't move. (NOTE: THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!!!) She was so good. I was equally shocked, when I tried to take her she said "no" and clung to Parker... she only wanted "my Parker".

After our date, when we got home and I was putting her to bed she made her bedtime requests which were: "My baba, my baby, my Parker!"

I love her!

This picture is completely unrelated but funny. She was telling Danny that she needed to poop so he rushed her into her potty and she sat, grunted, pushed, but no poop. We took her off and put her diaper back on. A few minutes later she said "poop" again. Danny rushed her back in, but didn't make it in time.. Better luck next time!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Whitney Update

An update on the little Whit monster. She is 17 months now and is so very busy. She is into everything-- screaming, pulling hair, hitting, scratching (timeout is a regular occurance in our house).. I keep telling myself this phase will pass but somedays/ most days I feel like I missed something along the way. Maybe I am just not doing it right, that I just created or enabled this bad behavior in her. Either way, we keep on trying and I love her, despite her bad moments. Here is what Whitney is learning and loves.

1. I am trying to introduce her to the concept of the toilet. Not necessarily potty training yet, but the idea that mommy and daddy go poop and pee on the toilet. We have taught her the "poop" baby sign language and when she is pooping, she tells me and does the sign. So the other day Danny was sitting on the couch and farted (Danny probably isn't going to be very excited that I am posting this) but she went up to him and kept on saying "Where's poop? Where's poop?" and tried looking at Danny's bum to find the poop. It was really funny! (Maybe you just had to be there.) :)

2. We went to the fair last week and she rode the ponies. She LOVED it and has discovered that Mo is a good substitute. She now strattles Mo every chance she gets and makes him take her on ponie rides. She obviously falls off, and falls hard but she thinks it's funny and gets right back on him. She is silly!

3. She has a very obsessive personality and her current obsession... listening to music and singing. She has a few "silly songs" that we listen to OVER and OVER again that she sings along to. If the song changes, she screams and says "no" until we turn it back. Whitneys top 4 songs: 4. I am a Child of God, 3. Pop Corn Popping the Apricot Tree, 2. Sean Kingstons "911" song, and.. the song we sing all day long...1. Skidamarink, I love you. She also loves to count to ten and sing the alphabet with mom.

4. Whitneys animal sounds. She seems to be really engrossed with any sort of animal/insect so we have been teaching her animal sounds.We also have the Planet Earth videos that she loves to watch. Funny animal moments: The other day she tried catching a fly in the house- chasing it around and all, she picks up ants and smashes them in between her fingers, at the fair she screamed and yelled "NO" at a lady who was looking a pig. Apparently, Whitney was the only one allowed to look at and touch the pig.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Utah State Fair

Last weekend we went to the Utah State fair with our friends and had a great time! Whitney loved all of the animals, rides, and the fried food!

Yes, Whitney is screaming. She doesn't like pictures..

Ohhh. Handsome daddys!

Jared and Danny decided to take Lilee and Whit down the slide and of course Danny picked the bag that goes the fastest. He was catching air. Whit started BAWLING after she realized what she had just done!

I think our favorite were the pigs! They were so funny.
They reminded us of fat Mo! He acts just like a pig, no joke!

The 3 amigos. Whit is trying to give Athan a kiss.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Weekend of New Discoveries

This last week we discovered some new "likes" at the Westenskow household.

1. I finally caved in and bought a car. Not for myself but for the little one. She had her big blue eyes set on the "Pink Barbie Mustang" but that was well out of my budget so we settled on something a little bit more economical... the red Cozy Coupe. And, quite a success it has been. She drives that thing all day long, drags her baby with her and likes to run into the dogs. When she wakes up she asks for her car. I give her her "ba ba" and she sits in it as she watches Little Einsteins. Perfect toy!

2. Star Wars. I have never seen the shows and Danny has been threatening me our entire marriage that one day we would have a Star Wars marathon and watch them all. This last week his threat became a reality. I caved and we watched.. every night.. AND quite to my surprise, I really liked them! I loved every cheesy, and theatrical comment Harrison Ford made and isn't he handsome?? I totally think so.

3. Last but not least, and probably the most important discovery.. Wizards of Waverly Place and Selena Gomez. On more than 1 occasion in the last 3 days I have come home and found Danny "glued to the tube" watching The Wizards of Waverly Place.. Not Sports Center, ESPN, the news, an adult sitcom... but a young teenage girl show about wizards. He then asked me if I would start DVRing the show so that we could watch more episodes. (And being the major GEEK that I am, I totally whole heartedly agreed. I love the Disney Channel.)

I am also not naive to the fact that the only reason why Danny watches this show is for Selena Gomez. -- which is probably the only reason why I watch it too. She is very cute!! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Driggs Scott Gleason..

He is finally here! We have all been waiting and have been so excited for this little guy to come! Cute Ali had Driggs today September 4th at 10:53 PM. He weighs 5 lbs 15 ozs and is 18 inches long. He is a month early, so the nurses will watch him to make sure his lungs and kidneys are working properly.. but he is perfect and beautiful and I am so happy for Ali and Rob!! Ali was a rockstar during her labor, I don't think that I heard her complain once, she did sooo awesome! CONGRATULATIONS!!! We love you Gleason clan!!