Friday, January 27, 2012


Last week we tagged along with Danny on a business trip.
It was our first trip with just the 4 of us and we had a great time.

We ate at lots of yummy places.
Hank is not at the age where he enjoys sit down restaurants and it's a lot of work to keep him entertained. I don't know why we force it, but it's worth it for good sushi!!

So we drove to Arizona which is an awfully loonnnggg drive.
However, the kids did AMAZING! 
I think I was more annoying than they were.
Every time we stopped at a gas station, Whitney had to get her pink bubble gum and Hank always picked out powdered donuts. Awesome! ;) You can imagine how crazy that made Danny.. all the powder in his car. Ha ha love it! 

While Danny worked we played at the hotel. The weather was great. Low 70's, but the pool was heated so we swam and the kids loved that!

Hotel play time.

Horse back riding:
Hank didn't like it so much, but Whitney absolutely loved it!
She talked non stop to the cowboy and told Danny that she wants a mini horse for her 4th birthday.

One of the main reason for tagging a long on  was the anticipation of doing a little bit of shopping! In Arizona they have a store called Last Chance. It quite literally looks and is just like a DI buuuttt it is a Nordstrom's DI. Any returns that come back to Nordstrom's comes to this store and you can find some crazy good deals for super super cheap. Fabulous! In past trips, Danny has found some awesome stuff for  himself and the kids. This time around though, the selection was not so great. Bummer! :( 

On the way home we did the 10 hour drive in 1 day.. again.. the kids were awesome! We stopped in St George for a couple of hours and hiked on the red rocks. They thought it was pretty cool.

Fun times.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lets Wrestle!

I am loving the ages of my kids right now!!
 Whit will be 4 in April and Hank will be 18 months in February. They have been playing so good together lately and Hank is a sponge. He is picking up on so much and it is fun to watch!
One thing that they love to do together: WRESTLE, WRESTLE, WRESTLE!
...AND Hank is finally holding his own.
Love it!

Wrestling... Hank attacking Whitney

More wrestling..

..and now a little break to watch Bambi for a few minutes.

And back to the wrestling. Hank head butting Whitney..

Another Bambi break..


And yet again, another Bambi break. 

I love these two crazies!!!!

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year's Eve

We had a wonderfully low key evening with the Gleason's.
Cafe Rio
Fire works
Made chocolate chip cookies
and ate lots of yummy cookie dough!

Welcome 2012

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Christmas with Friends

Christmas break wouldn't be Christmas break without spending time with friends.
Although  I didn't pull out my camera until the very end of the night and didn't get pic's of everyone.. a little bummed about that.. I did capture a few:

Boys are funny. Every time they get together they talk about the same things:
Sports- Jared's Gaykers and Kobe Bryant.
If they had a ba-gillion dollars what would they do with it 
And this evening we were lucky enough to hear them argue and banter about who can run the fastest. I don't know why that matters???.. but it does to them.
 I'm sure when they are all 100 years old, no teeth, and in wheelchairs they will talk about the same things because boys don't seem to change much.. but that's why we love them. :)

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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Christmas was great this year:

Santa brought Whit some princess things, pretend make up, and accessories for her doll house.

Hank got some sport paraphernalia. His favorite is his basketball hoop! 

Playing with some of her toys and dressed up as Tinkerbell:

We went to church and had an awesome Christmas message:

And then spent lots of time with our families:

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We had a great Christmas.
We are grateful for our families and
 the birth of our Savior.
Hope that everyone had a great one!

Christmas Eve

Grandma Donna's

Danny getting attacked as Samuel the Lamanite with arrows (or just aluminum.)

Joseph and Mary

Mary and Joseph with their baby Jesus.

The kids performing their talent: dancing to Justin Bieber's, Baby Baby.

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