Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday girl

My cute grandma Lindsay celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks ago. She seems to never age. In spirit, energy, and beauty. We went to visit her a couple of months ago, I was feeding Hank inside and I could hear her and Whitney outside skipping around the backyard and giggling. Fun memories. Happy belated birthday grandma. We sure do love ya!

Grandma and her great granddaughters.

Me, grandma, Jenny, and Erin

Hanks Blessing

We had Hank's blessing a couple of weeks ago (I'm a little bit behind on my posting) and it turned out really nice. Danny gave a beautiful blessing (which gratefully Vicki wrote down for us). He talked about the importance of his name. The name Harold.. Danny's step dad's name and Douglas, his grandpa's name. He talked about living up to their legacy of sacrifice, hard work, and humor. I love family names. I think they represent so much of the legacy that was left behind and the honor and privilege to move forward with the responsibility to live up to the name they have been given. But more importantly to just remember. Remember their loved ones. Like wise, our little Whitney Mae, is also a family name. My dad is named Whitney and Mae.. is my grandma Donna's middle name.

We had a little get together afterwards at my aunt and uncles house (thanks Scott and Lori). Our house is much too small to host family functions. :) I'm grateful for the gospel in my life and for the support from all of our family and friends.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

some days..

Sometimes you have to have bad days so you can learn to appreciate the good ones. Today has been one of those "off" days for our crew. Whitney picked up Hank this morning off of the couch.. well she accidentally dropped him on the hard wood floor.. his poor face hit the ground so hard. So Hank was bawling, Whit naturally started crying, and mama lost it too. We were all crying and our day has been out of sorts since. Whit is having one of her sassy days.. but like REALLY SASSY! (I think that she spent half of the day in time out.) Finally by 4ish.. I needed to indulge myself.. I packed us up, went to Super Sonic got a LARGE Diet Coke (which I downed it in like 5 minutes) and then headed to Hagermann's for their sugar cookie.. i'm hooked.. I ate both mine AND 1/2 of Whitney's. I drove around for an hour to get Whitney to fall asleep and now I'm sitting in my driveway.. blogging and listening to some good ol' country music in my car because I don't DARE try and transfer her and I will gladly sit here all night if it means a little peace and quiet. :)

ahhh.. and I feel better! Nothing a like a good drive, diet coke, some sugar, and country music to calm your nerves.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


We went to the zoo last Friday with our friends in the ward, Aubrey and Emily and their cute kids. Ali came too and I was lucky enough to get to watch cute Chloe (in our ward also) so she came and played with all the kids. The weather couldn't have been better. The animals were active and we had SO much fun!

Chloe and Whitney

Just taking a little snooze.

The tigers kept pacing the fence. So cool.

The kiddos

Me, Whit and Chloe.

The cheetah kept walking back forth RIGHT next to the kids. I'm sure he could smell the Cheeto's Whitney was pounding! ;)

What a fun day at the zoo.


Despite the bummer weather, we had a fun Halloween! I had to work during the day so Danny took the kids to a trunk or treat at my parents ward. Later on we went trick or treating with friends and then went over to my aunt and uncles, played some new dance game on the Wii (way fun) and told spooky stories.

Whit was kinda tired that night and was very uncooperative with her costume. She refused to wear her hat so I gave up trying. No point in trying to fight that battle. She was a witch and Hank was a little monkey.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Smiles and Snow Days

We had our first snow storm of the season a couple of weeks ago. Whit woke up, we looked out the window and she screamed "Holy crap, there is so much snow!".. and I couldn't keep her out of it. All. day. After her coming in with handfuls of snow that she was eating we had to have the discussion. No eating yellow snow or any colored snow for that matter just the white snow.

Hank has hit the 2 month mark now... a couple of weeks ago. He is smiling, sleeping through the night, and is the sweetest little man. He is weighing 13 lbs and is at 23 1/2 inches. He really is a GREAT baby.

Hank loves his baths. In fact I have to stand quite a distance away or else I will get soaked because he splashes so much.

Only allowed to eat the white snow.

Playing in the snow. Behind her she had started lining up all of her pumpkins in the snow.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Engh's Pumpkin Patch

There is a cute little flower/greenery shop close to our house. Every year they set up a pumpkin patch with a pirate ship, cute decorations, and a little corn maze for kids. Best part... it's free, they just ask you to buy a pumpkin. (And, yes, the pumpkins are quite expensive. For the smallest one it's $1... but its worth it. The kiddos have fun!) We went a couple of times this year. Once with Whit's bff Lilee and another time with the fam.

These 2 are quite a pair. They are definitely their daddy's daughters and They LOVE each other.

And these two love each other too!

Gma, Whit, and Hank.