Saturday, June 22, 2013

April 2013

My pretty sure I had a couple of school "stressed out" meltdowns this month, but I survived and so did my husband and kids. 

We enjoyed conference. 
Cute Madie, my cousin, is going on a mission to Alaska and was on TV for it.

I felt like we went to Planet Play, a.l.o.t. 
There was a time that Harold was ultra obsessed with playing miniature golf.
Anytime we got in the car, he asked to go to Planet Play to "pla gof"

Snuggles with my favorites.

We found a stray kitty, named it Mittens, and made the mistake of feeding it. 
She would come to our back door and whine for us.

We went on a fun walk to Baskin Robins and then to the park to play.
Driggs and Hank are the best of buds.

We jumped and played every spare second I had.

Whit and I went and got pedicures together. 
{She loved it!}

Tramp cuddles.

Hank is a pretty cool dude.
I swear Zoe's first word was "Arold" (interpretation Harold).
She says his name 100 times a day. {No exaggeration}
"Arold, Arold, Arold."
She L.O.V.E.S him and he loves her.

Ms. Sas and Mr. Cheese.

My 6 AM morning friends.
I use to babysit little Bronson in the early AM's so the hubby and his dad could play some bball at the church.
  {The sacrifices we make for our hubby's health..;)}

On April 27th, we had a very fun Primary Activity doing a service project.
We went to Draper Temple and weeded the grounds.
The kids did great and we had a good turn out!
I love our ward and being in Primary.
{Primary callings are the best.ever.}

Whitney and Annie are the very best of friends!

Whit's 5th

Whit turned 5 on April 16th.
We had a fun low key day with family and friends.
Her day:
*Lunch at Zupa's
*One Sweet Slice
*Color Me Mine
*Family dinner, presents and cake.

@5 Whit..
 loves to sing, dance and read. 
She loves to be the center of attention.. always. 
She is very kind to others and has a good little brain. She doesn't forget anything! 
{Which is not always a good thing ;)}
Love you Whit!~

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The BIG 28

Danny was pretty creative this year when it came to my birthday.
I was born on 3/30/1985 so he made up a scavenger hunt all about the year 1985.
Cute Dan. ;)

Danny got his hands on a 1985 Fiero which we drove around all day. Lucky us. ;)

For being 28 years old, that Fiero is in great condition, but for being 28 years old that hot mom is in even better condition! Happy Birthday @mindiwestenskow Let the scavenger hunt begin.

Clue; On march 31st 1985 
There was a very special surprise,
A baby laughed first time, 
Which created something greater than diet coke with lime
A fairy was born with a special talent
The place to visit is where she first became an infant
Answer; LDS Hospital @mindiwestenskow

1985 was a big year for Salt Lake City
There was another gift like that pretty little girl named Mindi
They won a bid that would fulfill a prophesy
To the mountaintops we ride to celebrate history
Answer; SLC won the Olympic bid in 1985 @mindiwestenskow

In 1985 the economy was booming
Unlike today where it's sad and gloomy
There is still a little money to spent
$85 dollars should do, let's see what's around the bend

Clue; In 1985 there arose a place south of the border
The authentic red reptile would improve anyone's smolder
Even though the day is through the night has just begun
To find some good authentic food will be our next mission. Answer; Red Iguana, the original, it opened in 1985!

We ended with dinner with family at the Red Iguana.

Oh and we must not forget about the video..
Earlier in the week, he asked me to dress up in my 80's best to shoot a video with him. I had no idea what for but I put on my "happy face" despite the fact that I was not interested in participating in whatever he was up to. BUT he ended up surprising me with a music video.
Love my hubby. 
He keeps us very entertained.;)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sleeping Hank

I, quite honestly, am completely obsessed with this kid.
I think he is about the dang cutest thing ever. 
{My opinion may be a little biased because I am his mother, but that's ok.}
He makes me happy. They both do, Whit and Hank. 
Danny & I love to laugh at the end of the night as we talk about all the funny things they did throughout the day.
Really, there is never a dull moment with them.

Hank loves to fall asleep in the most random positions doing the most random things:

All 3 were asleep in this pic.
 I have no idea why they were all so tired..

Sleeping on Jessie's behind..;)

I love him!!