Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Danny has never been to Moab so we were determined to get there this year. My mom found the cutest condo to rent and we had theee best time ever!

We played outside..

The kids love anything and everything outside and climbing is definitely one of them.

Downtown Moab. Whit picked out some rocks.. every single rock she got had to be pink. ;)

Just hanging out.

Dead Horse Point.

Goblin Valley.

At the condo they had a fun park with hammocks and little rivers for the kids to play in.  

This was the backyard.
Hank and Danny are sitting on the swing (can't really tell from the picture) but definitely having some good father/son bonding. :)

The Arches.

The Delicate Arch hike.
It was hard with the kiddos.. but definitely worth it!

Swimming at the pool.
Hank was trying to catch a lizard.

Playing and laying.
Hank is absolutely in love with his dad.
 Doesn't want anything to do with anybody when his daddy is around.

Fun times!!

I'm so grateful for my family.
They are the best!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Wheeler Farm Fun

I love Wheeler Farm and so do my kids.
We went for the first time this season with some of our friends in the ward and I'm sure we will be back lots more.
One of Hank's favorite things to do right now is chase birds. At home he will chase them all over the yard trying to catch them.
He was totally in his element here chasing the ducks, chickens and geese.


Whit and her best bud, Annie. They are absolutely obsessed with each other and have play dates almost daily. It's cute!

Some of the boys playing in the water.

The mommies. (Don't mind me.. I'm not quite sure what I was doing..)
We had Zoe too. Love her.

Check out Jude's shoes. What a cool dude. ;)
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

@ 4

I can’t believe my little lady is 4.
She is still as sassy and sweet as ever.
Too smart for her own good.
Always busy. Doesn’t stop playing or talking or moving.
Loves to be a little mother ‘hen’ and is always looking out for others.
She loves to entertain, sometimes she will break out in song and sing-play with her toys.
Very bossy.
Makes new friends everywhere she goes.
Has great faith and says the best prayers.

Her favorite things:
White bread with ranch
The beach
Loves playing with friends
Being outside
The movie, “Shark Boy and Lava Girl”
Life cereal
Painting her nails
Dressing herself
Hello Kitty
Pink bubble tape
Riding her bike

Recent conversations:

After going to the bathroom Whit and I had the following conversation:

Whit: “Mom, watch me. I can flush the toilet with out using my hands.”
Me: “Oh really. Lets see”
Whit, naked, then lifts her leg and flushes the toilet with her feet.
Whit: “Cool, huh. Now I don’t need to wash my hands. I’m going to do this for the talent show next year.”
Me: “Ok. That’s a pretty cool talent.” :)

Laying in bed:
Whit: “I’m trying to figure out how Jesus got us here.”
Mom: “Well..”
Whit: “No mom, I will figure it out.”
Complete silence for a couple of minutes.
Whit: “This is how it happened. We were Jesus’s toys and he brought us to earth. He planted a seed in us, watered us and then we came alive. He also built us this house so we could live in it.”
Mom: “Yep Whit, you are just right.”

When I get really frustrated I tend to have a little bit of a swearing problem with the word, damnit. I’ll be honest, It feels so good to say and I feel less frustrated afterwards. Whit really can sometimes push my buttons with how darn stubborn she is. It’s no surprise that she has picked up on that word too. One day she was frustrated, came in the kitchen, stomped her foot on the ground and yelled, “Damnit.” And repeated it over and over and over again. We had a long talk with her about damnit and that we don’t say that word. So I had to break my awesome habit that I really had no intention of breaking. I’m much better, but will still occasionally mutter it under my breath. The other day, I was talking to one of our friends about Whit saying that word and I quietly almost inaudibly said it. Whit, who apparently has the best ears ever, turned to me and said, “Mom we don’t say Damnit.” Good thing I have her around, she keeps me in check.

She says great prayers and there is faith behind everything she says. One time she had an awful rash on her whole body.  We tried different creams and medications but it didn’t work. I told her that if she prayed really hard to Heavenly Father and had faith/believed that it would go away then it would. That night she said a sweet prayer asking Heavenly Father to take away her rash. The following morning, the rash was completely gone.

Another time, we were going to have her friend Lilee over for a play date but she got really sick. Whit was concerned and stopped everything she was doing and said a prayer asking that she get feeling better. The following day, we saw Lilee’s dad and Whit had the following conversation with him:
Whit: Is Lilee feeling better.
Jared: Yes, much better.
Whit: Well, I prayed for her yesterday so that is why she is better.

She knows that Heavenly Father will answer her simpliest prayers. I am grateful for her faith.

I love Ms Whit and the fun personality that she brings to the family. I wouldn’t change one thing about her and I feel privileged that Heavenly Father trusts me and Danny enough that he would send us this special girl. I hope that she stays just the way she is. I think the world needs strong, determined children to make it a better place and I hope and pray that I can direct and channel that energy to do just that! It’s my life’s mission to raise healthy- happy- independent and smart children who love the Lord and go about “doing good.” And hopefully, they will do just that!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day

I am so grateful for my 3 best amigos.
It seems as though the 2 little ones are turning out to both have their daddy's wild personality.. I'm seriously out numbered.
Whit as the entertainer and Hank the show off.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
There is never a dull moment with them around and I couldn't be more happy to be their mom.
I love our perfectly imperfect family.
And I am grateful for the opportunity to raise these lil munchkins.
Being a mom is the best job ever!


Bear Park. Whitney loves riding her bike.. Like all day long! It's awesome.

And Hanker's will never pass up a swing ride.
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Bbqin' Fun

Once a month we have a girls night out with these lovely ladies.. (missing a few) and May was my turn to host. I decided on a bbq at our house and invited the husbands and kiddos.
 We never get together with the husbands so it was fun to catch up with them as well. (Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of them… next time.)
I am grateful for this fun group of girls!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Goin on a Mission..

Parker got his mission call last Wednesday..
He will be serving for 2 years in BOGOTA COLUMBIA!
Congrats Parker.
We are sooo proud of you, little brother!


Danny was convinced he was going to Russia (where he served a mission) so he had their national anthem playing on his phone right before Parker opened his call.
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