Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Danny is officially off house arrest (thank goodness!!) and likes to flex is left calf muscle to anyone that will take notice to show off how buff it is. He says that he will have to do extra muscle training in his right calf to balance things out. He feels a little lopsided.

But while he was "stuck at home" for 20 days I begged and pleaded with him to build me a garden and after enough whining from me he eventually gave in and built me the cutest little box garden. We planted a few different tomato plants, cucumbers, zucchini, a pumpkin, melon and some corn. I love it! The other day I saw Whitney over there picking at one of the tomato plants. I went over and she had noticed that there were some ripe red cherry tomato's and she was picking them off. We found 2, picked them, ate them, and it was the best little summer treat.

Our little box garden and peach tree.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Teeny Tiny Turtle

We lost our teeny tiny turtle as in.. he has passed away.. gone to heaven type of lost. And, I am REALLY sad about it! I get choked up even just thinking about it. I know he is just a turtle, but as of late I may have been a little neglectful towards him. With my busy work schedule (that is STRESSING me out by the way!) to just keeping up with Whitney, I let some things slide and the teeny tiny turtle was one of them… and the guilt is making me so sad! I would walk by him every day and not even realize that he was slowly dieing (hopefully not in too much pain) and I didn’t help him like I should have. L To our credit, we weren’t HORRIBLY neglectful.. we did feed him, soak him, and try to let him spend time outside every couple of days but it wasn’t enough. Yesterday, Danny was taking the turtle to our friend’s house to see if she could help him, but he died on the way in the car. So RIP little turtle, I’m so so sorry we didn’t realize you were sick until it was too late. We love you and will see you in heaven!

Another sad thing : we were fostering/ trying to find a home for Danny’s sister’s dog. (It’s a long story) so we had this dog for over a month. A cute little miniature pinture named Finn and we kept putting off trying to find him a home and kept going back and forth on whether or not to keep him. He is a great dog, good with Whitney, but we already have 2 dogs and he wasn’t totally trained and had occasional accidents in the house. (Which if I had taken the time to train him, he would have been fine.. another thing I feel guilty about) but finally we just decided to post him on KSL for free and someone called. Danny was at work so I had to be the one to give him away… and the caliber of the person that came to get him was a little bit sketchy.. I clung to him, completely lost it, and almost wouldn’t give him to the lady. I was being such a baby. So, I feel guilty about that too. I hope that he went to a decent home and is being loved and cared for.

I have become a crazy pregnant person that cries over everything and feels guilty over the smallest things. Poor Danny, he has to put up with all my weepiness! Hopefully we can all survive these last couple of months until little Hank arrives. AND HOPEFULLY by then, I will be a little less weepy, but I’m sure a whole lot more crazy!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

"I cannot believe this, the sky is making noises"

Growing up my favorite thing was summer rainstorms. I love warm rain and watching the thunder and lightning. Today we experienced our first summer storm of the season and it was awesome. We laid a blanket down outside and watched the clouds roll in. We had some pretty good thunder and lightning! Whitney loved watching it all. She kept saying the most random comments.. which is nothing out of the ordinary. She sang “Rain is falling on the ground” (a song Megan taught her in nursery) and kept reciting the following parts of the cute book, Mr. Brown can Moo! Can You? By Dr. Seuss:

“Boom, boom, boom Mr. Brown is a wonder. Boom boom boom Mr. Brown makes thunder!

He makes lightning Splatt Splatt Splatt and its very, very hard to make a noise like that!”

But the most random, funny thing she said was: “I cannot believe this, the sky is making noises!” My cute little Whit.

The best thing about a summer rainstorm is, for sure, walking in the gutters! When we were little we would LOVE to do that. When it started raining really hard we came inside, turned off all of the lights and watched the lightning outside. When it died down a bit, we took a little walk. (Didn't go past 150 yards though... that would be breaking Danny's parole!)

So Pretty.

My 2 lovers, just a cuddlin', watching the clouds.