Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday's, Goodbye's and Bbq's

Last weekend we had a little get together at our house to celebrate Scott's birthday and to say goodbye to our best friends as they move to California. {tear}
It was a good time and I am grateful for this group of boys.
They have been great friends and examples to my Danny.
They have a unique bound between them and it's fun to watch them interact.
They become quite giddy, remembering their past and talking about their future.
They laugh & laugh & laugh some more..
Despite the different paths we are all embarking on, they really love each other and you can feel it when we get together.
I love their loyalty and the impact they have had on Danny and now on our little family.

These pictures have nothing to do with this post but my kiddo's love flyin

Happy Birthday Scottie!

Uncle John's pretty good with the kiddos. ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birthday Fun with Grandma Lindsey and Aunt Sherri!

We went up to Centerville last week to visit with grandma and Sherri.
 The kids had a blast!

Whit gathered all of grandma's lawn animals, lined them all up and said, "Mom come take a picture of how cute this is!"

Hank was in heaven running down the hill.. the only problem was that he almost fell every time. It was hilarious to watch his face!
Whit got some more clothes and her best thing ever... sparkly high heeled shoes. :)
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Ms. Whit and her 4 year old birthday

Grandma Vicki came down to spend the day with us.
We went to Chick Fila for lunch

And then we took the kiddos to see The Lorax at Jordan Commons

Later in the evening we had a little get together at our house with some close friends and family


Whit and her best bud, Lilee. Lilee gave Whit a 'best friends forever' necklace.

Sunday Birthday Dinner

The Sunday before Whit's birthday we had a little birthday dinner for her at grandma Suz and grandpa Whits:

She got lots of clothes and a new art table for her room and some play rats. (She's obsessed with rats right now, kinda silly and random.. that's my girl, though!)








Best buds! I love my kiddos!

Ear Piercing and Build a Bear

Ms Whit turned 4 on April 16th.
 This year I was bound to keep things very simple.
No big parties.
Weelll, it ended up being like a 4 day birthday event with different friends and family.
Much more work than a party.
She is a sweet and sassy little princess that is 4 going on 16.
Danny asked her the other day if she would stop growing up so fast.
Whit replied, "I can't because my heart is still beating so I have to grow up." So true, I just wish it wasn't happening so fast.

We started her birthday weekend by going to build a bear:


Stuffing Hello Kitty
Picking out an outfit for Hello Kitty
Washing Hello Kitty


After Build a Bear we went to get the ear's pierced.
 Whit has been begging me to pierce her ears so I finally gave in.
 I explained it was going to hurt and that it would be a lot of work afterwards, but she still wanted it to do it!




Afterwards, ice cream!