Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New York

Danny and I went to New York at the beginning of December.
First EVER vacation away from the kids with just the 2 of us since our honeymoon.
It was awesome!
We left late Sunday night, flew on a red eye flight, and came home late Wednesday night.
We tried to soak in everything in 3 short days.. not enough time. ;(
We would wake up early and come in late.
It was so fun to be just with Danny and do just what we wanted.
New York was good to us and I can't wait to go back there some day (in the summer though.. ;))

We saw Hello Kitty and had to take a picture for Whit. Of course, she asked for a tip afterwards.
I sent this picture to Whitney via text and got a reply back that said she was crying because she wanted to see a Hello Kitty and never has. 
Ms. Dramatic

Little Italy.
On Monday we went to China Town & Little Italy.
Danny did some nice bargaining in China town. 
It was pretty interesting.

The Empire State Building

Rockefeller Plaza

Top of the Rock.

We went and saw Phantom of the Opera. 
So so awesome!

The red stairs in Time Square.

And the church has an awesome sign right in the heart of Time Square.
Pretty cool.

We took the tour bus around the city and learned about all the buildings and history.

911 Memorial.

Remnants of Hurricane Sandy.

Statue of Liberty.

Manhattan Temple

Central Park.

Hot Dog and Diet Coke in Central Park.
{I've never had a better hot dog!}

We took a tour of Central Park with a guy pulling us around on a bike.
It was cold!

Highlights from our trip:
*Shopping at 1 AM because every store was still open.
*Phantom of the Opera.
*Riding on the subways. (It would be fun to live in NY for a short time.)
*Walking every where.
*People watching.
*China town and our bargaining experience.
*The food.
*911 memorial.
*Taking the tour buses around the city.
*Spending time with Danny.

Dan, the man...
Thanks for the great trip.
I sure do love ya!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Zoe turned 1 and had a fabulous birthday bash.

Followed by an afternoon at City Creek with her favorite amigos.

I got super caught up in the elections...Watching the news
We voted.
 The outcome didn't turn out how I had hoped... ;(
Confession: I went into a pretty good depression for a couple of days following the election.

We went to a fun James Bond Premier.

Our household got hit pretty hard with a nasty flu bug. My little Hankie had the flu for 5 days, he passed it to me for a good 5 days, and then down the line it went..
We were sick for a good 2 weeks.

We finally got better by Thanksgiving and I made (for the first time) Vicki's sausage stuffing.
My very favorite Thanksgiving dish!

Thanksgiving was busy dividing up the families. We went up to Oakley for the first part of the afternoon and then went to my grandma Hart's for dinner.

Our family Thanksgiving picture. 
Danny loves pictures! ;)

Thanksgiving day in Oakley.

Grandma Donna's.

The following Sunday we had a Thanksgiving dinner at my parents with aunt Sherri and grandma Lindsay.

We went to Park City over Thanksgiving weekend with the Gleason's and Hiltons.

This little lady is the dang cutest!

Veterans Day.
Our cub scouts did an evening where they honored the veterans in our ward and it was awesome!
The kids were super attentive and I was touched hearing the veteran's war stories.
We are really blessed to live in the United States!

I absolutely love spending my days with these kiddos!
It's the best!

Whitney had a dance performance at the Festival of Tree's and did a great job.

Happy November.