Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Zoo

We went to Hogle Zoo a couple of days ago when the weather was in the low 70's.
It was perfect. The animals were active and Hank's reaction to everything was hilarious.
Every exhibit he would push his way through for a front seat view, stare and point at everything.
He loved it!
{I just asked Whitney what her favorite part of the zoo was and she loved watching the tigers and loved getting ice cream. ;)}

The monkey's.

Sitting in an eagles nest.

The new polar bear exhibit.

The brown bear playing in the water and chewing on the tree.
Hank pointing to the girafe's.


Hank loving the crocodile.
Baby meerkats.

My favorite was the gorilla. They are pretty awesome creatures.

He decided to take a little snooze right in front of us.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Poor Me and My First Marathon

 A week before my first ever marathon my eye started killing me!
I wear contacts and I'll be honest, I suck at changing them out. In fact, I will go an entire month without even taking them out..
 So when I went to the optometrist and they told me I had a really bad ulcer in my eye. Like a really bad ulcer. I kinda started freaking out.
I'm an idiot for not changing my contacts and I am paying for it.
 For 2 days my eye was swollen shut. I would wake up and have to pry it open. It was awful. I couldn't even go out in the sun without piercing pain {hence the picture below.. hat.. glasses.. and sunglasses on top of my glasses.. Super stylish, right!?! ;)}
Anyway's it was a dumb thing to have to go through. I have to go to the optometrist every day so they can check on my eye. My teeny tiny bottle of drops cost me $90 and I have to take those on top of 2 other drops 6 x's a day.
AND I had to run my marathon in my geeky glasses that are probably 6 + years old..
Poor me..
{Note to Self: Always change and take out thee contacts.. better yet GET LASIK!!}

Oh and I did finish my marathon.
It was a good experience and
I will probably not do another any time soon. ;)

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Family Fun

We are getting geared up for some summer fun.
Loving the warm weather.

There is a new splash pad at a park in Sandy/Midvale area. I think the name of the park is Mountview Park.. can't remember.. but the kids had fun!

We went to Gateway mall and played in the fountains and got treats with the Gleason's.

It's not very often that between my work, Danny's work and both our church callings that we ever get a week night together as a family. One Thursday we had a 2 hour gap before Danny had church meetings so we took full advantage of it and headed to Draper park with pizza and a kite.
I couldn't get Danny to leave.. He wanted to fly his darn $2 kite all night long.

Lastly, every year we spend an evening up at the Terraces in Millcreek canyon for a picnic with the Hart family.
Some of grandma Donna's great grand babies.. look at all those boys!

The girl cousins.
Lastly, Danny and I enjoyed a DATE NIGHT! We haven't been on a date night (no kids) since March so it was over due and we were excited! {hence the picture}
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Parker graduated from seminary.
{Paker had to give his testimony and as he was giving it, Hank ran down the isle to the pulpit and started pointing and yelling "Par".. He was shortly banished to the nursery room where he spent the remainder of the time. }

Whit graduated from her first year of preschool!

Parker graduated from high school.
{We learned quickly after the seminary graduation that a high school graduation is no place for an active 2 year old so Hank wasn't invited to this event sooo daddy wasn't either. Thank goodness too because the graduation was 2 1/2 hours loonnggg...}

Whit had her last dance performance of the season.
{They danced to Lion King and she did an awesome job! Way to go Whit!}
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