Friday, February 22, 2008

Little Whitney

It has been a LOONNGG time since we have updated our blog. We are way past due. I have been very bad, I blame it on the pregnancy. I have learned that you can blame almost anything on the pregnancy, it has its perks. So, we are getting closer and closer to becoming parents and it is very exciting! I’ll admit—We are little scared. Danny claims he will never change a dirty diaper--- And, just a few months ago he passed out by the sight of his own blood! (By the way he lost control of his bowls and farted twice). It was really funny! We both couldn't stop laughing. Other than that, Danny will make a wonderful father. I couldn't ask for a better husband who is so diligent in the gospel and honors his priesthood. I'll just make sure that my mom is there in the delivery room and I'm sure he'll get use to the diaper changing. :)

For those who don't know, we are having a little girl and naming her Whitney Mae. We are due at the beginning of April so it is coming up really fast! Danny and I joke that she is going to come out with both our worst qualities. She is going to get my total uncoordination and weird gestures and will get the infamous “Westenskow” bum. So, hopefully she gets Danny’s dance skills (it’s sad that Danny has better dance skills then me) and a mixture of the bum’s. Since I don’t have a bum and Danny is “all bum” a mixture would be nice. I posted a few pictures of Danny and I when we were little and what she could possibly look like. Poor girl!

Danny's cute bum! She's gonna be a little muscle girl...

... mixed with a pair of chicken legs and goofy gestures. (I'm the one in the overalls). Just a little background on the picture, I wanted to be as cool as Scooter and Kyle (my cousins) so I tried out the "tomboy" thing for a couple of years.

I'll admit, I was really a piece of work in my younger years. All joking aside, we are thrilled to bring this little baby into the world! It is such a miracle and we can't wait to be parents. (I really just wanted to show some funny pictures of when we were younger.)

We love you all and love checking out your cute blogs!