Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Belated Birthday Wishes

It has been kinda busy these last couple of weeks and I didn't have time to wish a happy birthday to 2 of the people I love the most:

Happy Birthday to my handsome husband. Thanks for being so positive, supportive of everything I do and making me laugh...everyday! I love you!

Happy 21st Jessie! You are a great sister and aunt to Whit. Thanks for ALWAYS babysitting on the drop of a whim... and taking us on many adventures. Also, thanks for capturing all of Whitneys moments.. I wouldn't have 1/2 the pictures I have if it weren't for you!

Just a thought for today

I was reading this morning and came upon a talk in the April 2008 General Conference by Sister Tanner who had just been released as General Young Women President. She had some very good and applicable things to say so I thought I'd share:

"Each time I walk with Abraham and Isaac on the road to Mount Moriah, I weep, knowing that Abraham does not know that there will be an angel and a ram in the thicket at the end of the journey. We are each in the middle of our earthly path, and we don't know the rest of our own stories. But we, as Abraham, are blessed with miracles.

I delight in the Lord's mercies and miracles. I know that His tender mercies and His miracles, large and small, are real. They come in His way and on His timetable. Sometimes it is not until we have reached our extremity. Jesus's disciples on the Sea of Galilee had to toil in rowing against a contrary wind all through the night before Jesus finally came to their aid. He did not come until the "fourth watch," meaning near dawn. Yet He did come. My testimony is that miracles do come, though sometimes not until the fourth watch."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Snow Day-

We are taking it easy today with all the snow we are getting! No work, no cleaning, no leaving the house... just playing and making messes. Here is a cute picture of the babies from this morning and what we will be doing today: snuggling with eachother, our blankies, sippies, and watching some the 55 episodes of Little Einsteins recorded on our DVR. (We are a little obsessive with this show.) Also, taking peeks outside at all the fun snow that is falling. (Can't wait to introduce playing in the snow to Whitney. I think she is going to LOVE it!)

Our summer days have come and gone.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


For those who have never heard of this, it is the newest workout craze. You combine weight strength, cardio, and sculpting while dancing to Latin songs. I DON'T dance and am reminded often by Danny and other loved ones of my lack of dance skills, so this gym class would be an obvious no for me. When my mom approached me about doing this Zumba class at the gym, I politely declined. She kept on being persistent and after many no's she finally, gently and motherly- like, FORCED me to do this class with her and my sisters.

As the day came closer a couple of concerns came up:
1. The location. Golds Gym on 13th.--Every time I go I see random people I haven't seen since high school, don't care about, and don't remember their names.. I pride myself in being pretty anti social and avoiding public places where their might be potentially awkward situations. This particular gym is a hot spot for awkward situations.
2. The classroom isn't "classroom friendly". There is a weight area right outside of the room with LARGE windows for "peeping Tom's". I don't want random people to see my awesome Latin dance moves. ;)

Night of the class, I decided to try and hide my identity by wearing an over sized sweatshirt and hat so nobody would recognize me and my sorry attempt at Latin dancing. When we got there it was super packed, I couldn't believe how many people would come to a Zumba class.. AANNDD I wasn't the only one who couldn't dance and nobody cared! Half way through the class, I completely forgot about how stupid I looked and started having fun! I LOVED it and might just become a regular attendee. Thanks mom for making me go!

The first song we danced to was Micheal Jackson's, Thriller, which was so fun. I came home totally high on endorphins-thinking I was pretty sweet-- and tried showing my dance moves to Danny. He thought it was hilarious.. so I still can't dance but I guess that is ok.. dancing is just not in the cards for me. Hopefully Whitney will get her daddy's dance skills!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Goodnight Moon

Whitney you love to read Goodnight Moon before you go to bed. We read it every night and always say good night to many things... your doll, the dogs, your books.. sometimes we even say good night to silly things like the lights, Parkers picture, the couch (anything to delay going to bed!) But lately you love to say "good night" to the moon too. Mommy and Daddy have to take you outside so you can find the moon and say good night to it. At least a dozen times through out the day you ask, "Where's moon?" and look for it in the sky. I respond, at least a dozen times, saying, "The moon is asleep. He will wake up tonight to watch over you while you sleep." You don't quite understand that concept yet and will ask me again and I will tell you again where it is. I don't mind though. I love you and love answering all of your questions. When you actually do see the moon at night -on walks or in the car you yell, "Moon!" point to it and do your cute little laugh. You get SO excited to see it. It makes me and daddy laugh. You are one very observant and persistant little girl. We love you!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Summer Outings

We had a lot of fun activities this summer with Whitney and Camden. My great assistant and sister Jessie was always there to capture the many moments with her camera!!

Jungle Gyms--

I actually forgot this place existed.. It was fun though. We went in the afternoon and there was only a handful of people there. The kids had a blast. The babies favorite: the safari car ride. My favorite: the bumper cars with Gabi!

Wheeler Farm-

We went on probably the hottest day of the year with no strollers.. it was HOT!!
The babies loved the animals.. I don't have a favorite, I just remember the piercing HEAT..

Thanksgiving Point- Petting Zoo

Babies loved walking around and getting excited about the animals.

Their favorite: The pony ride!!

Gardner Village Petting Zoo-

My favorite! I love this little petting zoo and the babies do too!

They love walking around and getting a little treat at the candy store.

We also had many walks to the park and trips to the aquarium. Whitney is at such a fun age, I love it and we love all the fun adventures Jessie drags us on!! :)