Monday, October 31, 2011

Girls Trip

We headed down to St. George with all of the girls in the Hart clan and had a fabulous time.

We went to Tuachan and saw the Little Mermaid...

...followed by a late night dinner at Denny's with lots of laughs and many stares from the neighboring tables.

Saturday we headed to Vegas for some shopping. My cute cousin Brittney is pregnant with her 3rd. (She has 2 older boys.) For shopping purposes, she needed to find out the gender of her baby so we went to Babies First Image and we all got to watch the movie and see the baby in 2 and 3 D. We all cheered and cried when the technician told us that she is having a girl! We had Brittney's parents on Skype (they are serving as mission presidents in Brazil) and Jake (her hubby) on speaker phone. Fun fun times!!!

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We ended our night back in St George and at Neilson's Custard. Gabi and I sported some sweet do's. Danny always makes fun of me that I've lost all my game so my goal over the weekend was to prove to him that I've still got it. ;) I actually never had game but I'm looking good with my fluffy hair and red lipstick.. so good in fact that I got a picture of me and a 14 year old boy with a mullet and sent it to Danny to make him soo jealous.

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I kinda look like I'm on drugs in this picture.. I promise I'm not ;) and check out my sweet hair re-growth. One of the joys of having children.

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We had a great time. A trip I will never forget. Love my family!

*While away, Danny was soo good to watch the kids. He did lots of fun things in the short 2 days. I got this cute text from him:
"Whitney is being so funny, she told me that I don't have to go to timeout when we get home because when I broke the glass cup it was an accident. She told me that she would tell you not to be mad at me. She just showed me how to wiggle my bum when I was done pooping, and she made me turn on the light in the car so she could show me a dance move. Both kids pounded and danced almost the entire dinner. Hank is just playing and Whit can't wait for me to be done so she can show me the new closet for her pet." :) :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wheeler Farm

Chick Fila picnic.. no surprise there. Probably the only fast food joint we eat at these days.

Look at my little man. Is he not the cutest thing in the entire world???!!
I l.o.v.e him.

Having lots of fun on our wagon ride. Probably the one and only time we will ever do that!

The 3 amigo's.
Whit, Driggs, and Hank.

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Jessie's Cornbelly Birthday

We went to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point for Jessie's birthday this year.
It was fun.. and really cold..
The things we do for her!
Happy Birthday sis!

A little too much fun with the whip cream.

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Picking Pumpkins

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday Dinner

Chef John threw a birthday dinner for Jeremy. He made us organic/vegetarian taco's. I'm not sure what was in the garnish, but it was AMAZING! The meal was delicious. like really really good.

Happy Birthday Jeremy!!

I love these boys and their life long friendships. They make me happy! ;)

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Park City Pink 1/2 Marathon

I woke up at 5:30 AM for this race thinking I was crazy and then I looked outside.. it was raining. I knew, for sure, I was crazy and was secretly wishing that I had "accidently" slept in. Buuttt, I couldn't let my partner down.

It turned out to be a beautiful experience.
The scenery was amazing. really. Breathtaking.
I couldn't have picked a better partner. We really had a great time!!
And, I think that we may make this a yearly tradition, right Jamie?? :)

Go us!

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Friday, October 7, 2011

I love Fridays. They are so "sopping" cool.

"Sopping" like in "sopping wet." It's the newest adjective in our house. Created, of course, by the 3 year old.

It's great in emphasizing a point.
Example in a sentence:
Whitney: "Mom, I was so sopping nice to Hank." or "Mom, I love dance so sopping much."

Try it out, it's kinda catchy and, in fact, I have started saying it myself. "I am so sopping mad it's so sopping cold!"

Uuuggghhhh. This weather makes me grumpy! Poor Hank just wants to be outside every second of every day. And I don't blame him. He is use to spending at least half the day outside, exploring, playing in dirt, driving his mini coop. Every time we get out of the car he instantly withers and whines to get out of my arms and onto the ground.Yesterday, he didn't care that it was FREEZING and SNOWING... ggrrr... he still wanted to play outside. So I bundled him up and let him. And I watched him from the window, inside.

This week we started a new regime. The mom regime. I was finally able to change my work schedule and instead of working 30 hours a week I work 15 hours just 2 nights per week. Super fabulous, right!!!?? I think so! Instead of waking up at 6 AM every day, I get to sleep in and let me tell ya... I am loving it! It is amazing what you can get done in the morning when you are not working.

Earlier this week Whitney came up to me and said that I had a rainbow on my forehead because of the lines... wrinkles. Lovely, I'm getting older!

Tonight, despite the cold weather, we are doing our very favorite thing: watching uncle Parker play football. We love OUR Friday Night Lights!

Parker's biggest fan!
Go Huskies! We hope you do sopping amazing!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lake Powell 2011

Another great year:

Playtime on the house boat. The boys loved playing poker.. like all day long.

The boating activities.
Danny clearing the wake.
Dave on the air chair
Us, ladies, tubing.
I love tubing.
We laugh so hard everytime.

Night time on the house boat.

My cute kiddos.
I love them!

The many different sleeping positions of my little man.

The house boat.

The sand hill.

Man challenges.
*The funniest man challenge was Wayne and Scott vs Danny and Rob. They took turns going on tube rides being pulled by the jet ski and had golf balls hit at them and tried to catch them. Don't ask me how that would be fun, but they thought it was hilarious. Honestly, they couldn't stop laughing.

Beach play.

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Grandma Donna and 3 of her boys:
Wayne, Bill, and Scott.

My cousin Jenny took this awesome picture and I stole it from her blog.

Till next year.. we will miss you Lake Powell!