Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Turkey Bowl

Another great turn out this year. Here is the winning team, I guess we should preface that they played flag both games. Congrats handsomes.

Our many Thanksgiving feasts--

We had a great Thanksgiving and have much to be grateful for! We had 4 different Thanksgiving dinners with our families and have eaten lots and lots of Turkey!Thanks to all of our friends and family who support and love us!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Fine Day-

Whit and I had a great day yesterday with lots of surpises! I'm not big on "bragging" but I will admit I have a pretty sweet hubby! I don't know what got into him, but he was definetly on top of his game yesterday! I don't know who he talked to or what happened to him but whatever/whoever it was, keep it coming! We woke up with breakfast (although that is not entirely unusual. He cooks me breakfast at least 3 times a week), then he changed a poopy diaper and bathed the baby (again, not unusual. He does that all of the time!). He did have to go into work, but was sick so he came home early which was nice to have a night with him! I had to run a few errands and when I got home he surprised me with flowers-- Gerber Daisies, my favorite, and he was reading a book called "Growing a Girl". If anyone knows Danny and REALLY knows Danny if he has any "down time" reading is not on top of his list of fun things to do. I love reading and loves when he reads so it was a pleasant surprise! The night even got better, instead of Monday Night Football (which is like sacred at our house), I mentioned that it was family night and he was all excited and totally participated full fledged with no complaining. AND----- No I'm not done, he actually watched The Hills with me and he HATES!!!!!! (I mean hates- refuses to watch- have anything to do with- that type of hate) The Hills. All the while, we just cuddled and he didn't even try to pull a "sweet dude" move on me! Cute, Danny! Thanks babe for making my day so great! I love ya!

Here are a few random pictures that have nothing to do with this post, but cute pic's of my little lover:

My cell phone is her favorite toy!

This is a very unattractive picture of myself however Whitney wakes up with the craziest hair sometimes and its so cute!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Danny's Birthday, St. George, & Arizona

Danny's Birthday was last Saturday and we had a great day! We woke up and Danny made himself breakfast. I don't do it good enough :) Then we just played and had a very fun BBQ at our house with Danny's family. I totally spaced on taking pictures and this is about the only good picture I got. Happy belated birthday Dano, I love ya! You are such a great husband and you are always making me laugh EVERYDAY! Thanks for all you do and for being so helpful! La ya!

We then headed down to St George for some much needed R&R with Ali and Rob. On Sunday morning we went on a fun little walk with me, Dan, and Whit. I decided that I wanted to do some hills for a little exercise. Danny refused to go up the hills with me (way too much exercise for his handsome body) so he sat at the bottom waiting for me. I was being TOTALLY clueless and didn't even think to strap Whitney into the stroller. ( I know how could you forget) But as we were going down the hill, the poor girl completely fell out of her stroller and hit her head on the pavement. She had a little stratch on her nose and a bruise on her forehead. So sad! I was hysterical, and tried to blame Danny for it, saying that if he had been there it wouldn't have happened, so it was ALL of his fault! :) Whit only cried for a couple of minutes and was totally fine after she got in her bath. She is a tough little girl!

Dinner at Texas Road House. Rob, Ali, and Gabi.

ARIZONA! Visiting Jared, Ang, & Lilee Jo-

Jared, Lilee (in her cute Halloween outfit), Danny, and Whit. Whitney and Lilee had fun playing with eachother!

Lilee is sooo pretty! She is such a cutie, I can hardly handle it! She was so good when we were there and Jared and Ang are GREAT parents! Lilee is in very good hands!

She is already posing for the camera!

We can't hang out with Jared and Ang and NOT go to Village Inn. Tradition!
It was so fun to see Jared and Ang! We miss them lots and they are such great new parents! Lilee already has a huge closet full of clothes. She is going to be very stylish just like her momma!
We had a great week! I soaked in the warm weather in St. George and Arizona, it was fabulous. Danny told Rob and Ali that my body was so white that my bottom is "see through" SOOO I was excited to just lay out at the pool and get a little bit of sun!