Saturday, August 17, 2013

Zion's Hike

We went down to St George the weekend of July 27th with a hiking permit and intentions of hiking 'The Subway' in Zion's National Park.
Unfortunately, there had been 3 previous flash floods that week in that particular canyon, so we were advised that it would not be safe to hike it.
Sooo, we decided not to and instead we hiked the Checkerboard Mesa Canyon.
We started the hike at 9:30 AM and didn't get finished until 9:30 PM. {yikes}
It was an insane 12 hours, but so incredibly awesome and funny and an experience we will never forget!

A brief summary:
*We got lost! {awesome, right!?!}*
*It was a beautiful canyon.*
*The company was incredibly fun and we laughed lots.*
*There was a scary stint of dehydration.*
*We swam in chocolate milk {at least that is what the water looked like.}*
*We got caught in a flash flood and now have a much greater appreciation for mother nature. ;)*
*We finished, some of us had a late night dinner at Chili's in St George and then we all crashed a college hot tub in our filthy- dirty soaked clothes. {it was awesome.}*

Pre hike:

A dead ram infested with millions of maggots:

Now you see him:

Now you don't:
{Danny doing push up's in the water..kinda gross!}

Post hike:

And the day after:
{We ate and ate and ate and ate.. The Bear Paw is delish!!!}

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

California 2013

Another wonderful year!

Highlights from our trip:

We visited the Davis family in San Diego for a couple of days.

And then went and stayed with the Neilson's for a couple more.

We went to the Mormon Dodger Night where Elder Holland threw the first pitch.

Danny bought 100 avocado's for $10.00.

We played in the Neilson's backyard and the kids loved the swing!

We made it to the beach! 
The first thing the kids did was lay in the sand.

We got to go to sweet Lyla's baby blessing.

And then spent the remainder of the time on the beach.

Danny thought it would be a good idea to sell 'glow stuff' to people on the 4th of July.
He hired his little 5 year old to help. ;)

We went to a session in the Newport Temple.

At Balboa the kids did the tramp and ferris wheel.

We would always walk the kids at night and they would instantly fall asleep.

4th of July family pier pic.

We had such a great time!!!
Thanks to my parents for an awesome trip and the Davis and Neilson's for letting us visit!!
SOOOO MUCH FUN! Till next year....