Friday, September 12, 2008

Wild Child Part 2 & Whits BFF has finally arrived!!

Um-- so you would think that after Whitney had already rolled over in her swing once that I would learn my lesson and strap her in the next time, well apparently not. Also, a good mom would instantly think to rescue the baby before she fell to the hard ground, however I selfishly grabbed my camera and took pictures of my swinging child! Poor Poor parenting! Whitney didn't seem to mind swinging on her stomach very much, change of scenery maybe, I don't know but she seemed to enjoy herself.

Whit loves to talk and she loves to tell us all about heaven and all of her friends that are coming! Her new BFF Lilee Jo Davis (Jared and Ang's new baby) was just born on Monday. Lilee weighed 7 lbs 13 Oz and she is SOOO cute!!! We have only seen pictures, but can't wait to finally meet her!! Jared and Ang will be such awesome parents! Congratulations guys we love you!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wild Child

Oh my, cute little Whitney is a wild child! She is all over the place, all of the time! She never stops moving and has to be entertained constantly! She has already taken on her daddy's personality. She has a swing that she sits in and loves. It rocks back and forth and the other day (while it was still swinging) she had somehow rolled over in it and her whole body was dangling off and she was INCHES and MINUTES away from falling off, poor parenting! I wanted to run and grab my camera but thought better of it and rescued her instead. She is my little spaz, but I love her and she ALWAYS keeps me entertained!

Feeding time is quite the challenge! She sits in her bumbo, but she arches her back and tries to stand up. Everytime I go to give her a spoon full of food she tries to stand up and the food goes everywhere but her mouth! Her hair, eyes, nose, EVERYWHERE.

Whitney has learned how to roll from her stomach to her back. (She use to only be able to roll from her back to her stomach) Now, she is everywhere. I found her like this. She rolled off her blanket to under her swing, she decided to spit up everywhere and she was just sloshin and playing in her spit up. And this was in a matter of minutes!

So in this picture, check out her arm. She gave herself a hickie from sucking on it so hard!

The other morning I went into her room to check on her and she was sleeping like this. I had laid her on the other side of her crib, but somehow she rolled to the edge got her leg stuck in between the crib and she was sound asleep sucking on her thumb. So so funny! I couldn't stop laughing and taking pictures!

Danny went boating on Saturday with his family. He was very excited to get some sun on his handsome body. However, he got fried and the burned caused a little irritation. After church on Sunday he decided to air out his sunburn so he took off his shirt, held Whitney, and posed for some GREAT pictures. :) He is about as handsome as it gets. What's funny is, he thinks he's going to run the St. George Marathon next month. Good luck! He is calling it, "How to train for a marathon in one month" and he says that he is going to write a book about it, ya well see about that! Whit and Danny definetly keep me on my toes. They are too much a like, it's kinda scary!