Sunday, March 27, 2011


Our weekend has been great! I joined a bunco group with some friends a year ago and it has been so fun. We decided, though, to drop the actual playing of bunco and just do a GNO every month. Friday night Kristen had it at her house with Sara hosting. Fun times! I really have grown to love these girls... a lot... and am already looking forward to the next month. I always leave rejuvenated and wanting to be a better person/mom. I think that should be a requirement for mom's.. that we get to "get out" AT LEAST once a month... It's very refreshing. Thanks girls for making me feel that way!

Also.. great news... I finally (after 3 long years of working EVERY Saturday) don't have to work Saturday's anymore! Wahoo! I slept in until 7:30 AM which is "sleeping in" with little Hank but it's better than working so I will take it!

Today.. major meltdown at church with the sassy one. Screaming, crying. She was upset because she wanted a green pen to color with. Well, we didn't have a green pen and she let the WHOLE ward know it! I took her out of sacrament.. screaming, kicking, hitting.. 3 different mom's came out with green pen's for her. :) I love our ward. She got her green pen and was ok for a little bit, but lost it again. Luckily I didn't have to teach yw's so I came home early and within 1/2 hour this is what I found:

Sound asleep.. what an awesome afternoon I am going to have all to myself (Hank's asleep too)! Can't wait to catch up on some reading from this great book... I just gotta find something for Danny to do... so I don't have to entertain him.. I'm sure there is a good Sci-Fi show on... "Snakes on a Plane"... something really awesome like that. ;) He is such a sucker for those shows!

Look at my handsome cheese ball.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

6 month stats

Weight: 18 lbs 8 oz-- 70%
Height: 26 1/2 in-- 50%
Weight/Length: 75%

Handsome as ever.
Loves his mom the VERY most and I LOVE it!
No interest in rolling over.
Is sitting up- grabbing and picking up everything.
Eating solids very well.
Sister Whitney makes him laugh the hardest.
Sleeping 12 + hours a night and..
..his smiles making me the happiest mom alive!

Very good at multi tasking. He can play the piano, drive a car, and pet Mo all at the same time! ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Day in the Life..

.. of this cute girl. Whitney Mae
Age: 2 years 11 months
Likes: Making cookies, going to movies and having her own popcorn and drink, playing with her friends and family, making her baby brother laugh, lipstick.
Dislikes: Being told "no" :), going to bed.
Hobbies: Dancing, singing, making up stories, coloring.
Favorite Food: Carrots and Ranch. She will ask to eat this for every meal.
Favorite Books: The Fancy Nancy series, Harold and the Purple Crayon series, and Love you Forever.
Favorite Color: Pink.
Favorite Movie: Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Toy Story, Lion King.
Current Favorite Song (this changes often): Nephi's Courage
Learning: Recognizing and tracing our ABC's and 123's. She has an imagination that blows my mind..I could sit and watch her play for hours. :)

Loves to draw. Now, I'm a proud mama. This picture might not be much but I love that she is learning how to create things. She told me that these were "pumpkin sheep."

Loves to play. You just get her set up with all of her toys and she will play for hours!