Sunday, March 30, 2008

All the fun showers

Thank you everyone who came to all of our baby showers and the gifts that were given! Everyone has been so generous and we really appreciate it and love you all! Thanks for all the cute outfits, toys, and the fun accessories. Especially, thank you mom for everything that you have given, Meg-- thanks for the stroller and the many outfits and shoes, and Vicki for the "pre made" scrapbook, quilt, and the MANY diapers! We have the best family, ward, and friends! We are very grateful for everything that we have been given and thank the Lord daily for all of our blessings! Thanks again--

Danny still thinks that we are going to have a boy-- so thanks Aaron for indulging in Danny and giving him a Bronco Mobile. We have quite the little Bronco collection for Whitney. My cute grandma made her a Bronco blanket, we have Bronco bottles, pacifers, and even a Bronco bottle warmer. She is going to come out a true Denver Bronco fan! When we went to register at Babies R Us Danny was given the "gun" and he registered for EVERY Bronco item in the store. Cute Dan! :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Utah Jazz

Can I say how awesome the Utah Jazz are! Danny and I were able to go to the Jazz game on Thursday against the Lakers and although we lost (and by the way I HATE Koby Bryant and the Lakers- sorry Tim!) it was still such a fun atmosphere! We have such an awesome team with fun and- not to mention- cute players. We were only able to go to the 2nd half because Danny had a regional basketball game with our stake, but it was still fun. We each have our own Jersey. I have Okur and Danny has Kirilenko. I tried getting Danny to pose for me with his jersey but he refused and mine barely goes over my round belly!
I have always been a huge basketball fan. I love to watch it and love to play it. I remember playing Kyle on Sunday nights at Grandma's and making him cry often because I was so good and he couldn't hang with my mad skills! As soon as I have the baby, I'm going to start practicing again and I'm going to get really good, so watch out Kyle! The other day, I was going through all of my old journals and in almost every entry I would write about the Jazz, the games, or go off on how hot I thought Bryon Russell was. I have a detailed analysis of the 1996-1997 Jazz season, so if anyone needs any stats or anything of that sort, I have it all so let me know! :) --I even made a scrapbook from the newspaper articles. I was way GEEKED out! Here is one of my finer journal entries about the Jazz:
Just to preface, this was game 6 at Houston and the Jazz had a 3-2 lead. This is what I wrote:
"The score was tied at 100-100. It was the Jazz ball. With 2.8 seconds left in the game, Russell inbounded the ball to Stockton who shot a 26 foot 3 pointer. My family and Kyle were at the edge of the couch wide eyed. Our heart stopped when he shot that shot. Stockton swooshed it!! It was the best feeling in the world. John Stockton sent the Utah Jazz for the 1st time ever to the NBA Finals to play the 4 time championship team- the Bulls. We played our guts out!"
This is one of the many drawings I did in my journal. Funny, funny. With the playoffs beginning soon(well not till May)-- rest assured, Danny, me, little Whitney, and the pups will be watching lots of basketball! Go Jazz!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Addressing the Issues

Ok, there are a few issues that need to be addressed with the previous blog posted by my beautiful potbelly wife.

1. Will the baby have our worst attributes?
2. D-Dubb doesn’t change diapers.
3. Fainting and Farting

Item #1 Will the baby have our worst attributes?

We all looked a little goofy pre-puberty, but does pre-puberty even matter? Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we're just gonna have you soak these shots in.

I think Whitney Mae will have fine attributes.

Item # 2 Danny said he wouldn’t change a diaper.

Let me just say this. Mindi doesn’t clean, she straightens. Which means when it comes to wiping the baby's bum, the only person who is gonna really “get between the cracks” so to speak, is me. If the baby could talk when she comes out, I guarantee she would personal request a nice wipe down from her father who is thorough and detailed. They say the proof is in the pudding, to this day you can’t tell a difference in my bum from when I was first born. Yes I’m that good.

Item # 3 Fainting and Farting

I think you should google about what happens usually to those who faint. 95% of people who faint do one of the two things, completely poop their pants, or pee themselves. I read a study conducted by the students of Harvard that the 5% of those who don’t completely loose their bowl movements, when fainting, are more powerful, handsome, and are more likely to succeed. And just for the record, when you faint it can be one of the most relaxing states your body can be in, since I knew I was fainting, I released any built up pressure to ensure maximum relaxation.

To give you an update of us; we are doing fine. Only 4 weeks left of freedom. We were talking about our schedules the other night and how to accommodate the new addition to the family and it really sank in. Holy H E Double Hockey Sticks, It’s gonna be a trip yo. None the less we are excited.

We haven’t been keeping up on American Idol this year, even with that kid from Utah doing so well. I find that I get angry and jealous watching the show, and continually ponder, “when will I get my big shot”. So in serious contemplation Mindi and I decided to create our own Whole New World. Please keep us in you prayers. I’m hoping Simon Cowel gets a wif of this presentation and invites me on the show as a new and upcoming performer.