Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cookies, Sudoku and a lot of Nonsense

Last week I tried climbing onto our roof to get a toy that Whit threw up there. I climbed on our old (not sturdy) table and tried to pull her toy off with a rake. Well the table broke and I was left hanging onto the rafters until my fingers slipped and I landed on the ground. I screamed like a baby as I’m sure my next door neighbors saw me and had a good laugh at my expense.

Here is a picture of the broken table and rake:

With the toy (a batton) was still on the roof, I had a very upset 4 year old because she could no longer do her "ribbon dancing"- she attached a ribbon to it, like Dora the Explorer. Because of the crying and whining we, naturally, had to go to Walmart to replace the darn thing so she would stop. While at Walmart, Whit of course, found a different- more cool toy, a Justin Bieber microphone that plays his music so she got that instead. The Hankster got a cool Spider Man action figure. SIDENOTE: Hank is obsessed with Spider Man right now. He has never seen any shows, but he has 1 Spider Man book which is, honestly, thee dumbest book ever but he makes me read it to him like 100 times a day! I try and hide it from him, but somehow he always finds it. He loves to shoot out webs from his hands  while yelling, "Spiman".

Thee toys:

So Hank had his Spider Man and Whit had her microphone. I had happy kids unttilll Whit opened up her toy on the way home and Hank noticed that the microphone actually played music. Spider Man was totally forgotten. He HAD TO HAVE IT. Whit HAD TO HAVE IT. So they fought and fought and I bribed and bribed Whit to just let Hank hold it and I would get her a special treat. She finally let him and then she created the following fabulous game, which kept them entertained (and me) for at least an hour.

The game:

Whit is way into climbing tree’s. She asks me to put her on the tree all day long. She usually doesn’t climb too high, but the other day she kept going higher and higher. So high that she couldn’t get down. I had to climb up that darn tree and help her down. As I was coming down I bonked my head so stinkin hard (I’m sure I said a few choice words under my breath)  and got a little scrape and bruise on my forehead. It didn’t look that bad, but it hurt like crazy. I couldn’t even sleep on my stomach because it hurt so bad.. Rough life, right!?! ;)

My sad injury and Whit way up in the tree:

Oh also, to keep myself entertained at work I play sudoku. This week I graduated from easy sudoku to medium sudoku. (Meaning I have done all the easy ones which is 100.) I can’t believe I have completed 100 games of sudoku, I am so lame. What is even more lame, is that  I mentioned (on more than one occasion) to Danny over the weekend that I am medium sudoku player now. An accomplishment that I am very proud of and like to brag about. Because of my greatness, I made myself a batch of cookies and ate at least 12.

And lastly, the kiddos + Muffins. They are darn cute when they are asleep. ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Family Olympics

Jess, the event coordinator,  planned a family olympics night and we had a great time:

Some of the events included ladder ball:

The mummy roll:

The egg relay:

The water gun duel:

 After a few other events our champions were:
Suzy: Gold
Jason: Silver
Danny: Bronze

And we also celebrated Parker's 19th birthday.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cabin Day

Cabin Days=
Lots of eating
Lots of fishing
Lots of games

Liberty Park

Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome home Elder Hart!

My cousin Zach recently returned home from Hondura's where he served for 2 years on a LDS mission.

In honor of his return, his parents threw him a homecoming party.

He said at his homecoming talk, that he had to pray for the gift of tongues because he didn't know how to speak English anymore.
{What a cute kid.}

Missions are so great.

I just had another cousin, Kyle, return home from the Bolivia mission and one of my sweet young women girls, Tamara, just left on a mission to Riverside, CA.
It's inspiring to see how much they have each grown!
{Really, it's awesome.}

Today Parker was talking about his mission with Whitney and how she will be 6 by the time he gets home. She got really sad, started crying and laid in his lap for a long time.
It will be hard to have Parker gone, but he will be a great missionary and HE is SO EXCITED!

Pic's from the bbq:

Danny giving the thumbs up with Kyle and Jess.

The twins and Hank playing in the pond.
The Gabsters and Derrick.

Us with Zach.
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