Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The 1 year mark

Our beautiful little love has officially hit the 1 year marker and with it bringing lots of new personality traits and accomplishments. We went to the dr last week and she is weighing in at 19 1/2 lbs (2oth percentile) and she is 30 inches tall (90th percentile). Here are a few things that Whit likes to do:

* She is walking! Hurray for that. She does still scoot on her bum most of the time but more and more she has taken with walking.

* We graduated from formula and now use whole milk. Another hurray! Instead of spending $15 for 1 container of formula we now spend $3.50 for 2 gallons of milk.

* I'm trying to teach her baby sign and after about 6 months of working on "more" she has finally grasped it and will do it when she wants "more" of anything! So cute.

* Whitney loves to eat dog food and play with it. It's a constant battle everyday to keep her away from it! I really think that she knows that she shouldn't play with it either. Everytime she goes near it she is really slow to put her hand in the water and always looks back to see if we are watching. When we notice what she is doing and say "no Whit" she laughs and does it anyway, splashing water all over the kitchen! Little stinker!

* She loves to bug the dogs. She has a little scooter that she pushes around everywhere and she loves to push it into the dogs and scares them. She thinks it's hilarous. She also loves to give the dogs "good morning loves" by nuzzling her face into them and squeezing their many fat rolls.

*She likes to read books, but on her terms. She has to be holding the book and she will turn the pages when she is ready.

* She likes to open up all the cupboards and pull out anything within her grasp.

* She loves to play in the dishwasher.

* She has a very dominate personality and doesn't like to share. She will throw MAJOR temper tantrums when we take something away from her.

* What she is saying: more, mama, dadda, barks like a dog, moo, and has the HIGHEST pitch scream you will ever hear. --No exaggeration!

Dannys birthday song for Whitney.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our very Fun Road Trip to Cort and Laura's Wedding

Danny and I had our very first trip with no baby and I have to say it was REALLY fun!! I forgot that I was a mom half the time and enjoyed hours and hours of freedom. I did miss little Whit a lot but it was really nice to get away!

We decided to drive to California with John and George. We had a great time and I don't think that I have laughed so hard in a long time! They kept me CONSTANTLY entertained and laughing. We had a few stops along the way, the most memorable, Ghost Town (John really wanted to find a "trading post" to buy a flute).

The whole week was a blast! We had such a great time getting to know new people and spending time with our best friends. Thanks Darren and Lacey for letting all of us "shack up" at your place! Cortney and Laura are an amazing and beautiful couple and we feel so lucky to have been able to participate in the amazing celebration! Thanks guys for allowing us to "get" away. We wish you the best of luck as you start your life together!

The boys and the beautiful bride that you can hardly see. Laura looked amazing and had a gorgeous dress!

Ghost Town in Calico California. These handsome guys were in their element here where John purchased a sweet Indian flute and played it for the remainder of the drive. Very relaxing and soothing when you are stuck in rush hour traffic-- in Los Angeles-- totally lost!

One of our many pit stops on the way home.

We were lucky enough to have Scottie on our drive home. We were all crammed into our little car. Poor guys! Yet they didn't complain once, very impressed. We left San Diego at 4 AM Sunday morning and drove all day, we were all a sorry looking bunch by the time we got home! Also- 1 of the many funny little side notes- when we went and picked up the guys, John wasn't feeling so hot from the night before (if you know what I mean) and threw up on the pavement, hopped in the car, and pounded some jalapeno spicy Doritos-- at 4:30 AM. You can imagine the smell. :) Good thing I love these boys!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whits Big Birthday Bash-

Whitney will be turning 1 on April 16th and so we had a little birthday party for her over the weekend with our families and close friends. We will be out of town over her actual birthday and we are leaving her (for the first time ever!) with my sisters and parents. Sooo, I kinda went overboard feeling a little bit guilty that we won't be with her, but my family is so excited to watch her without the "mother hen" hovering close by! She got spoiled rotten and she was in a great mood putting on a good show for everyone. THANKS THANKS THANKS for everybody that helped bring food, presents, and a special thanks to Megan and Aaron for all their help and their house!! Here are some cute pics of Whitneys 1st birthday party:

Harold and Vicki got her the Fisher Price Little People farm house. I'm obsessed with the little people stuff and probably like it more than Whitney! I can't wait to get this out and set up!

Just eating some yummy food!

Whit wasn't as crazy as I thought she would be with her cake. We kinda had to force her to eat it, but she loved all the attention!

Grandma Lindsey trying to get a kiss!

She LOVES this little scooter/walker toy my parents got her. (Also, notice the Hannah Montana purse my sister Jessie just HAD to get her! Jessie and Whit have matching purses.)

So exhausted! Today we came home from church during Sunday School so I could grab my Young Women gear and she fell asleep within minutes in her high chair!

Whit is so fun to be around. We can't believe it has been a year since we had her! Time goes by too dang fast!!!