Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another year

I so love the beach and I look forward to it every year! This year marked our 16th year going as a family and it was by far the coldest I have remembered.. But the cold didn't damper our spirits, especially the little one who LOVED being out on the beach and playing in the cold water. I have to say that I do have the BEST family ever! I only had to step foot in that icy water just once.. my family took Whit out every other time. They claimed that the water was warmer than the outside temperature but I saw them secretly shivering, jumping in the waves, just to appease the spoiled one... while momma on the other hand, sat in a chair feeling like a huge pregnant beached whale. Danny and I were smart this year, we got a portable DVD player for the car ride, which SAVED us! We didn't hear a peep from Whit which allowed me and Danny to be totally GEEKED out and I re- read the 7th Harry Potter book out loud to Danny the entire way down and back. It was awesome.. we are totally cracked out on HP.. Stay tuned for our exclusive HP party we are going to throw for the next movie which will probably be just the 2 of us that even come. Danny has said for years that I remind him of Dobby.. a dorky little house elf.. although he does have a very heroic scene in this book I might add.. so I will be Dobby and Danny.. well if I am Dobby then it is only fair that he is Hagrid (They actually do have Dobby and Hagrid costumes online, I have looked into it.) ..ANYWAYS-- California was great as ALWAYS! It was heavenly car ride, a heavenly trip, just all around heavenly 16th year.. Already counting down the days for next year!

Just resting with grandma.

Our usual Balboa ferris wheel/ merry go round outing.

Danny had been talking all week about how good these "Italian Soda's" were that he had at his work so he decided to buy all the stuff and make them for us on the beach...well they didn't turn out as planned. Better luck next year. He had one taste of his and said, "This is nasty."

Grandpa and Parker built Whit the best little car for her to play in.

Just playing at the park with Gabi, Madi, and Jess.

Check out Danny's hands, what a punk. I just wanted to document our morning "donut shop outings" but he didn't want to take a picture.

Playing in the cold water.

Just playing with her buddies.. Driggers and Bridger.

Walking the peer.

Aaron, Danny, and Whit.

Yummy Crab Cooker. I could have eaten there every night!